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My blood has run black and gold since I was a young child living in the burg in the Super 70's. What memorable moments they were watching the Steelers win 4 Super Bowls. I moved to Texas right after High School. There was no way I could become an Oiler's or Cowboy's fan. Even though I only got to see a very limited amount of Steeler games back in the day before cable, the interenet, etc., I still followed them religiously through newspapers, and magazines.

I have had to live among the Cowboy fans here in Dallas for the last 19 years, but I have had a lot of fellow Steeler fans to turn to. It is amazing how many Steeler fans there are living in Dallas. I run into people with Steeler shirts, jerseys and hats all the time. They can call the Cowboy's America's team all they want because the Steelers are the WORLD's Team!

Who else is tired of hearing about Warner, Fitgerald and the Cardinals in general? You would think they are the favored team if you listen to all the sports media. They need to get real, because I believe the real Cardinals will show up that were the 9-7 team in regular season. Remember Super Bowl XIV, Steelers vs Rams? I expect a similiar outcome of Super Bowl XLIII. HERE WE GO STEELERS, HERE WE GO!!!

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You think you are tired of hearing of Warner and Fitz and how are the Steelers going to stop the Cardinals offense... try living where I do! :D :lol:


Hope you enjoy the site and let us know if you have any questions! :bigthumb:

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