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I was born and raised in Pittsburgh and my first Steelers experience was the Immaculate Conception back in '72. I was 6 and I remember my father jumping up and down and he had to explain to me what had happened. I just jumped up and down too and from then, on, I have never missed a Steelers game (unless there was no way to see it!). I moved to Woodway, Texas when I was 14 and I remember putting up with all the Cowboys and Oilers fans for many years. These days, the Oilers are gone and the Cowboys can't win anymore (Thank God). How sweet it would be if we win this Super Bowl and become the first with 6! I have faith we will win this Sunday. #1 defense in a non-strike year in the Super Bowl since the merger is 7-0. Forget all that Kurt Warner and Larry Fitzgerald nonsense. Let the media swoon over those guys. After it is all said and done, toughness will win out over flair. STEELERS 27 Cardinals 17. MVP will be Big Ben. Nice to be here!


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"Immaculate Conception" :scratch: You have a kid on thee way??? Just kidding

Welcome, hope you enjoy it here!


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darn, AZ beat me to it....:lol:

:welcome: Have a blast!!! :cope:

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uptownmike is the name, if u want 2 call swissvale and wilkinsburg uptown, do'nt live there anymore but did when the sky was always red. first games I saw were played in Pitt Stadium sitting on hard concrete in early ... An addict ever since. I mean a lot a years here. Never waivered, never faultered, never ran. The Steelers will always get you someday someway.
Have fun watching the red birds get their *** kicked sunday.:helmet:

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hi and welcome

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:sup: and :welcome:

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:welcome: enjoy the site :cope: