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I just joined this site today! I live in Tucson Az but am a huge Steeler fan. I grew up in NY and as a kid liked the Giants when Fran Tarkington was their QB. When I first saw Jack Lambert play in 1974 I was hooked! Been a fan ever since. I wrote this poem yesterday and thought I would post it on a Steeler site for other Steeler fans to enjoy!

The abcís of the 2008 Pittsburgh Steelers :tt02:

A is Arians. "We need to get rid of him", I've been saying all year long-
But if he wins the big one, i'll admit that I was wrong!

B is for Ben. Big Ben will stand tall-
Heíll give you some points, just give him the ball!

C is for Coach Tomlin. Were here because of him-
The best man for the job, not Whisenhunt or Grimm!

D is for Defense. They're all over Achievers-
They'll put the clamps on, the Cardinal receivers!

E is each. Each second that tics-
Gets us closer for us, to win number six!

F is for Farrior. A linebacker with heart-
Heíll come with the blitz, heíll tear you apart.

G is Great. The best ever seen-
The Cardinals have cheerleaders, we have Steeley McBean!

H is Hines. The tough guy will play-
You will see him smile, on Superbowl day!

I is for Injuries. The biggest one that we had-
When Sepulveda went down our punting went bad!

J is for James. James Harrison is the best-
Defensive player of the year was better than the rest!

K is for Keisel. He was hurt earlier this year-
But when he came back, even the Mormons drank beer!

L is for LeBeau. Best defensive coach around-
He'll find a way to put Kurt Warner, on the ground!

M is for Miller. He should have a big day-
Can the Cardinals shut him down? I say "No Way"!

N is for Nate. Along with Santonio, what a match!-
They'll both try to teach Limas Sweed how to catch!

O is for Offensive line. They had trouble all year-
But in the playoff's they give us, something to cheer!

P is for Parker. Fast Willie can fly-
You give him a lane you can kiss him goodbye!

Q is for Question. Can the refs call the game right?-
In the AFC championship they had a bad night!

R is for Reed. Jeff is so clutch-
Heíll kick it from 60, thatís not asking much.

S is for Smith. Aaron plays his best in big games-
So don't think you'll run, Edgerrin James!

T is for Troy. Test him if you dare-
The last thing youíll see is his flowing black hair.

U is for uniforms. Black and gold is so right-
But in Superbowl XL111, the Steelers wear white.

V is for Victory. The 6th would be a great-
The Arizona Cardinals will just have to wait!

W is for Woodley. There's nothing he lacks-
A great outside linebacker with 10 and a half sacks!

X, Y and Z will round out this poem-
On Feb. 1st. the Lombardi Trophy comes home!

PITTSBURGH!!!! :cope:

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:sup: and :welcome: good job on the poem!

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:welcome: enjoy the site :cope:

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WELCOME to the BLACK and GOLDEST site on the web !! :tt02::tt02:

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Hope you enjoy it!

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:welcome: Have a blast!!! :cope: