View Full Version : Concussions are NFL's dirty little secret

10-26-2006, 05:04 PM

Questionable is a word used a lot around the NFL. Itís there every week in the injury reports that bookies and bettors like to study so much, usually stuck somewhere in between probable and doubtful.

Ben Roethlisberger, who was last seen sprawled unconscious on the field in Atlanta, is questionable this week. The Pittsburgh Steelers said so, meaning their star quarterback may or may not play Sunday against the Oakland Raiders.

Questionable. Itís a word that can be used to describe many things.

Letís begin with the judgment of anyone involved with the Steelers who actually believes it is a good idea to rush back Roethlisberger after two concussions in four months.

Head injury one Sunday, starting nod the next. You donít need a degree in neurology to figure out something is wrong with this equation.

Concussions forced two other quarterbacks out of the game in recent years. Troy Aikman and Steve Young retired early because of the cumulative effect of concussions, and theyíre hardly alone among NFL alumni.

Current players arenít faring much better.

Quarterbacks Charlie Frye and Steve McNair recently left games with concussions and so did Minnesota receiver Troy Williamson.

Carolina linebacker Dan Morganís season is over, and the horrifying image of Chiefs quarterback Trent Green having his head slammed to the ground in the first game of the season is an indelible one.

Concussions, it seems, are the NFLís dirty little secret. Itís not just that they happen so often, but that the league doesnít seem to be doing much about it.

Hmmmm :scratch: I'm now having second thoughts about Big Ben, but at the same time if the doctors are giving him the "bigthumb: then I don't see what the big deal is :dunno:

I guess if Ben was older I would be putting up a red light, but given the dude is still young he can recover quick. When it comes down to it though it's really how the players feels...