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House of Steel
10-22-2006, 06:13 PM


As much as I hate to do this report, someone has to break the worse down. Where should I begin? Michael Vick simply put played like a HOF QB against a mistake filled Steelers team that was looking so pathetic as the game went on. Ben Roethlisberger was unstoppable until the third quarter when he was knocked out by two Falcons players in what appeared to be helmet to helmet hits. The Atlanta Falcons thought they had the game in the bag, when their No. 2 kicker nailed a 56 yarder, but didn't count since the Steelers got the Time Out in before the kick.

And then came overtime. Nope, 60 minutes wasn't enough to settle this instant classic so to speak, it was a repeat of the November 10, 2002 meeting at Heinz Field where the game ended in overtime in a tie, but this had a different outlook, and a very pathetic one indeed.

The second-oldest player in NFL History, 46-year-old Morten Anderson, booted a 32-yard field goal seven minutes into the extra period to give the Falcons the victory in a 41-38 win over the Steelers, a remarkable game that could have a defining effect on both teams.

Six lead changes, and with Roethlisberger watching from the sideline in a black sweatshirt, the Steelers tied it at 38 with 3:19 left in the game when fill-in quarterback, Charlie Batch threw a 17-yard touchdown pass to Hines Ward.

On this very day, Hines Ward burned the Falcons badly, catching eight passes for 171 yards and a career-best three touchdowns, including a 70-yarder in which he literally ran out of his right shoe.

Unfortunately, folks, it wasn't enough. Atlanta won the coin toss for overtime and never let the Steelers have the ball, Vick converted on 3rd and 9 by scrambling away from a near sack by Troy Polamalu and flipping a 26 yard pass to Alge Crumpler. Five players later, as I said before, Anderson kick the game winner.

Finally, I must say the Steelers had time to pull out a victory. Batch delivered a 25-yard pass to Ward and the Steelers raced up to the line to down the ball with 8 seconds to go, only to be flagged for illegal formation, a penalty that automatically led to the remaining seconds being ran off the clock.

The saddest moment in this game was seeing Hines Ward slamming his helmet to the turf in disgust.

The fan of the Steeler Nation has to be feeling very sick this evening as we see a very deep hole dug for our men, if destiny serves us right, we can duplicate what happened last season when the Steelers made that unforgettable run to Super Bowl win. Time for Desperation, the Steelers are against the wall and looking at a very dim light in anticipation to reaching the playoffs. A miracle is what we need. Good Night everyone, and we will be back Next Sunday when we play the winless Oakland Raiders.

10-22-2006, 07:30 PM
Good article HoS. You hit on a lot of things. This team isn't ready to be a playoff team right now. Not until they learn to finnish games and put teams away when they have the chance.

Black@Gold Forever32
10-22-2006, 07:47 PM
Good article HoS. You hit on a lot of things. This team isn't ready to be a playoff team right now. Not until they learn to finnish games and put teams away when they have the chance.

I think this team is going to be like the 2002 Pats team. Miss the playoffs after a Super Bowl win. But just like that Pats team. The Steelers have the talent to rebound the next year and make a Super Bowl run.

10-22-2006, 08:39 PM
Good stuff HoS!! The thing we all need to remember is (someone else postd this too) when the Pats won their first SB they went 7-9 the next year... I don't think I need to tell you all what happened after that :bigthumb:

House of Steel
10-23-2006, 12:01 AM
Hmmmmm....interesting.....wouldn't that be a hell of a freak thing if we repeat what the Pats have done! Call it fate or what not?

10-24-2006, 06:21 PM
I hope we don't end up 7-9 this year and miss the playoffs but if we don't improve and play better 7-9 will be all we can hope for.

Maybe we will end up like the pats and then they can't call them the dynasty of 2k anymore without mentioning us too :tt02: