View Full Version : Steeler Fans tailgating in Baltimore 12/14/08

12-10-2008, 11:57 PM
Hello Steeler Addicts, We are native Pittsburghers who now live in Virginia Beach. We love our Steelers.:helmet: We will be in Baltimore with friends from Pittsburgh and want to invite anyone who is traveling from Pittsburgh and all Steeler Fans to come and tailgate with us. We will be in parking lot A at M&T Stadium. Our cellphone number is 757-769-1669. Bring a dish and come party with the best bunch of people around. We can be reached at (757) 457-7644. We will be in Baltimore at 10 am Sunday. Hope to see you there.

Neil and Shari :tt02:
We are excited to be here.

To all Steeler fans, please be careful when buying tickets from scalpers:evilshake:. My husband bought 4 counterfit tickets last year and even the gate attendant could not believe how authentic the tickets looked. We now buy our tickets from a friend of a cousin. It is sick what people on ebay want Steeler Fans to pay for tickets.

12-13-2008, 11:31 AM
Hi steelerfansVB,

I'll be going to the Steelers v. Baltimore game with my friend who now works in Baltimore. This will be my first away game <minus a philly preseason game> and my first tailgating experience <minus a couple beers in the car> . He signed us up for this Ravens Roost tailgate thing. Of course, with a bunch of Ravens fans. Anyway, if that falls through or is annnoying... can we tag a long on your tailgate? We won't be carrying around a covered dish, but we could contribute moneywise.

Its gonna be a great game!!! GO STEELERS!!!!

One other thing:
We go to Sandbridge/VB with family every August and love it there.
Have you heard anything new about the Steel City Bar & Grill opening up down there??
It was supposed to be open beginning of the season.

11-26-2012, 11:58 AM
We will be in Baltimore for the game that weekend. Can we come party with ya'll?