View Full Version : Giants RB Barber confirms he is leaning toward retirement

10-18-2006, 05:38 PM
:blah: It's all talk right now, I think if the Giants make it close the SB this year he will come back for one more year! Otherwise he'll walk and call it the end.

http://sports.yahoo.com/nfl/news (http://sports.yahoo.com/nfl/news;_ylt=AgjX8D1aYbUIgp5V4RvKR95DubYF?slug=giants barber&prov=st&type=lgns)

EAST RUTHERFORD, New Jersey (Ticker) - The New York Giants do not want to think about life without their all-time leading rusher. But they may have to sooner than expected.

Tiki Barber confirmed on Wednesday during a conference call with the media that he is "leaning toward" retiring after this season.

"I've been considering it (retirement) for a few years now," Barber said. "It comes to a point where your body just doesn't want to take it anymore, you see other opportunities out there. I'm excited about the rest of my life as well as I am about this football season. So we'll see what happens.

"I don't think there are any definites in life. It's too early in the year to say it for sure. But I'm leaning toward it, for sure."

The 31-year-old Barber is in his 10th season with the Giants. He was named to the Pro Bowl each of the last two years and leads the NFL with 533 rushing yards this season. Last Sunday, Barber rushed for a season-high 185 yards in a 27-14 win at Atlanta.

Barber is signed through the 2008 season. If he retires at the end of this season, Barber would give up $8.3 million in salary.

Major networks have expressed interest in Barber's broadcasting talents. Barber already spends Tuesday mornings as a co-host of "Fox and Friends," a general news program on Fox News.

"I've had a lot of opportunities," Barber said. "I've been involved in a lot of different things outside of football and they've piqued my interest, whether it's philanthropy or working at Fox or doing radio shows or writing children's books, now more advanced books. There are a lot of different things I want to get into."

In 2005, Barber rushed for a career-high 1,860 yards and caught 54 passes for 530 yards. The combined 2,390 yards was the second-highest single-season total in league history. His 8,870 yards from scrimmage since 2002 is the most in the NFL.

"A lot of guys talk about retirement when they feel like they don't have it anymore," Barber said. "For me, it's not about that. It's about other things, things that have literally been in place for me for eight years now. It's a plan. It's not by accident the things that have happened to me in my life, outside of football."

A second-round pick in 1997, Barber has rushed for 9,320 yards and is second in franchise history with 550 receptions for 4,898 yards. Amani Toomer is the club leader with 555 receptions.

Barber owns 11 team records, including most rushing yards in a game with 220 against Kansas City last December 17. He is 21st on the all-time rushing list and 14th on the all-time list in total yards with 15,955.

Brandon Jacobs, a fourth-round pick in 2005, appears to be the heir apparent to Barber. He has rushed for 177 yards and two touchdowns on 34 carries this season.

Giants coach Tom Coughlin did not want to think about losing Barber.

"He's an integral part of our football team," Coughlin said. "He wants to win as bad as anybody and we'll deal in the present right now and stay focused this year and this season and try to do the very best we can with that."

10-18-2006, 05:40 PM
He spent so much of his life fumbling away opportunities year after year so atleast in the last few years he's really turned it around and been having alot of success.

10-18-2006, 05:43 PM
Your're right about that, he has turned his career around and mad ea lot of people forget about his fumbleitis that he had early in his career... maybe not everybody for the most part. Too bad he decided to change things around so late!

10-18-2006, 07:53 PM
This makes sense...by sticking around, he just maximizes his chances of being another one of those ex-NFL RB's who can barely walk when they are 40. It's not like he didn't make enough money to survive, and he'd definitely be going out at the top of his game ala Jim Brown and Barry Sanders.

10-18-2006, 08:40 PM
:blah: It's all talk right now, I think if the Giants make it close the SB this year he will come back for one more year! Otherwise he'll walk and call it the end.

Giants are not making it to the super bowl. Heck they will be lucky if they go anywhere.

10-19-2006, 12:32 AM
I'd hate to see a good RB go out when he is actually at the top of his game. He good put up some good numbers for another couple years if he stayed. But RB's to take a lot of hits and I'm sure his body is starting to hurt more.

10-19-2006, 12:34 AM
it would be stupid to retire right now, but i guess if he feels he doesn't want to play anymore, no point in prolonging his nfl career and risk the chance of hurting himself or his team.....they better hope that freak of a running back jacobs will be ready to take over next year