View Full Version : Steelers vs Giants (10/26/08)

10-27-2008, 08:45 PM
Losses suck! :(

Yesterday the Superbowl defenders came to our backyard
We knew it was a game that was going to be hard

The game started off with early plays to Heath and Nate
And with Santonio missing we still looked great

The Giants made some plays and our defense made a stand
And their early touchdown attempt didnít go as planned

We might not have gotten Eli but we held them to field goal scoring
For most of the game - and it was never boring

Injuries in this game left our team a mess
Losing in a blow out might have actually hurt less

Our punter kicks hurting, our long snapper leaves the game
When this is the game changer thatís really a shame

Harrisonís attempt to help gave the Giants 2 points more
After all our Dís hard work that tied up the score

The Steelers scored one more TD but a penalty took it away
Pretty much ensuring the Giants would win on this day

The game didnít go at all like we thought
A loss like this really stings a lot

Weíll get over this loss and weíll be just fine
We just might get our vengeance in Feb Ď09

We must now focus on our next big fight
Against the Washington Redskins next Monday night

10-29-2008, 03:31 PM
Excellent as always! :yellowthumb: