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10-16-2006, 07:08 PM
Dude is making WAY too much sense!

1. The best team in the AFC is not Indianapolis. It's the San Diego Chargers, and watch them start to pile up victories. One reason is that quarterback Philip Rivers is gaining the confidence of coach Marty Schottenheimer. All Rivers has done since he was handcuffed in Baltimore is hit 53 of 76 passes (69.7 percent) for 576 yards and four TDs, as well as pump up an offense that produced 20 first downs in its first 38 snaps against woeful San Francisco. Another reason I like these guys is their schedule. The Chargers play one winning team the next three weeks, and it's St. Louis ... and it's at home. So why is San Diego better than unbeaten Indy? Easy: It can stop the run.
2. Now we know what was wrong with Ben Roethlisberger. Nothing.
3. I think this is what the NFL means when it talks about parity: seven of Sunday's games were decided by three or fewer points, including three by last-second field goals.
4. It's official: Miami blew it when it passed on free-agent quarterback Drew Brees. All he did was complete all seven of his passes during a magnificent 72-yard drive that clinched Sunday's upset of Philadelphia. Oh, yeah, the Saints also held the ball the last 8:26. Yep, Miami, he could've been yours; instead you traded for Daunte Culpepper. Have a nice life.
5. The more I see of former B&B owner Tom Walsh's offense the more I think the Raiders should have hired Bob Newhart.
6. This is what impressed me most about the Saints' win: No sacks of Brees. A week ago, Philly hammered poor Drew Bledsoe, sacking him seven times. This week, nothing. Sean Payton, you have my vote for Coach of the Year.
7. Yes, those were boos that filled the Georgia Dome. Michael Vick may be the most exciting offensive player in the game, but he's an inaccurate passer who can't help you if you fall behind -- and Sunday's lame effort was Exhibit A. The Falcons produced 98 yards in their last five drives. The Giants' Tiki Barber had more (131, including 115 rushing) in the second half by himself.
8. Baltimore safety Ed Reed has some explaining to do about that game-clinching Steve Smith touchdown catch. It sure looked as if Reed blew the inside coverage -- otherwise, how in the world do you explain how Smith was so wide open?
9. You think that was a tough loss, Redskins fans? Look what's ahead: Your club now faces, in order, Indianapolis, Dallas and Philadelphia. Then it's a road game in Tampa Bay where nothing is easy (see Cincinnati), followed by Carolina, Atlanta, Philadelphia, New Orleans, St. Louis and the Giants. Add them up, and you have nine opponents with winning records (uh-huh, I counted Philly twice) and 10 with a combined mark of 36-19.
10. Look at it this way, Baltimore. You lost a game but might have found something in backup quarterback Kyle Boller. That was one of the gutsiest performances of his career, and his play on the club's last drive makes me wonder if the Ravens shouldn't go to the no-huddle more often when he's in there.
11. Someone please wake up the New York Giants. Yeah, that was a nice win and all, but when will these guys put four quarters together? The Giants outscore opponents 98-31 in the second half. That's the good news. The bad? They spot them a 78-29 first-half advantage. Clean up the first half, guys, and you can start making Philadelphia sweat.
12. This is why I'm not sure of the Cincinnati Bengals: Over their oast three games, two of which they lost, opponents ran for 532 yards and averaged 5.1 yards a carry. Now the Bengals face Carolina and Atlanta. Good luck.
13. Now I understand why Chris Simms isn't all that fired up about returning to Tampa Bay next year. He has seen Bruce Gradkowski play.
14. I keep saying it's unfair to compare Eli Manning to his brother, and it is. But I can't help but notice that Eli's completion percentage (65.3) exceeds Peyton's (62) and that he has three more TDs than Big Brother. There is nothing wrong with Eli that experience can't cure. Please, just leave the guy alone.
15. So Cowboys coach Bill Parcells says that Houston's Mario Williams is the "fastest big man" he has ever seen. Terrific. What is this: Football or track?
Survivor, Week VI

Dick Jauron vs. Rod Marinelli
It's Round Two between these guys, and this time Marinelli can step forward. When the Lions ran through the names of possible coaching choices for 2006, they included Jauron -- last year's interim head coach. But he was passed over in favor of Marinelli, who promptly opened the season by losing his first five. Then Jauron and the Bills came to town, and welcome to the winners' circle, Rod. I knew there was some leftover magic from Comerica Park. Advantage: Marinelli.
Michael Vick vs. LaDainian Tomlinson
For years, San Diego fans reminded the team's front office that it could've had the explosive Vick. What they forgot to mention is that if the Chargers hadn't sent Vick -- OK, the No. 1 pick of the 2001 draft -- off to Atlanta the Chargers wouldn't have had Tomlinson. He was part of that deal, and Boltheads should be grateful. They gained L.T., and now they have Philip Rivers as their quarterback. Sure, Vick would have been fun to watch, but I want a quarterback who's accurate. That's Rivers. I want a big-time back, too, and that's L.T. Vick was sacked a career-high seven times Sunday, while Tomlinson ran for four scores -- also a career record. This one's no contest, folks. Advantage: Tomlinson.
Ben Roethlisberger vs. Eli Manning
The Giants had their choice of Philip Rivers or Roethlisberger on Draft Day 2004, and chose Rivers before peddling him to San Diego for Manning. OK, we know that. Now, let's fast forward to Sunday, and see how things are working out for these two. Big Ben not only scored his first win this season; he threw his first touchdown pass, too. OK, make that two as he turned in a near flawless performance. Manning overcame a slow start to author a nifty come-from-behind defeat of Atlanta, a game that marked the 11th straight time in this series the visiting team won. Advantage: Neither.
King for a Day

A week ago nobody was covering for embattled Dallas quarterback Drew Bledsoe, and that includes his offensive line and Terrell Owens. Now it's all quiet on the southern front. So what happened? The Houston Texans, that's what. Bledsoe threw two touchdown passes -- both to Owens -- and, suddenly, no one is calling for Tony Romo. Hey, give them a week. All I know is that the quarterback Dallas fans couldn't tolerate last week did well enough to shut them up on Sunday ... and good for him. He had to suffer through all that B.S. involving T.O. in Philadelphia, and he handled himself with poise -- refusing to point fingers like, ahem, someone I won't name. The man deserves a break, and he got it.
Just asking but ...

1. Philip Rivers or Drew Brees?
2. What happens first -- a Raiders win or a Chicago loss?
3. What in the name of Gregg Williams happened to Washington's defense?
4. Do we have a QB controversy in Baltimore?
5. Who had the better weekend in Detroit -- Jim Leyland or Rod Marinelli?

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OMG, an article written about the NFL that actually makes sense !! :wtf:

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Did Hell just freeze over?

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:wtf: Oh sound the trumpets, this calls for an encore!!! UNBELIEVEABLE!!!