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10-06-2008, 02:12 PM
Another crazy week in the books...Atlanta beating Green Bay and Miami beating San Diego are par for the course this season.
http://www.pigskinaddiction.com/pics/nflhelmets/NFL_Titans.gif 13 -10 http://www.pigskinaddiction.com/pics/nflhelmets/NFL_Ravens.gif
Snake's Take: Boy this one was exciting huh? I could have painted the garage and watched it dry instead. No 100-yard rushers, no 100-yard receivers...what the hell am I supposed to talk about? A defensive struggle between two boring teams doesn't leave me much material here. Joe Flacco's INT gave the Titans great position to kick the game-winner and this game was over...much to the delight of the fans.

http://www.pigskinaddiction.com/pics/nflhelmets/NFL_Chiefs.gif 0- 34 http://www.pigskinaddiction.com/pics/nflhelmets/NFL_Panthers.gif
Snake's Take: Geez...can the Chiefs stink any harder? Larry Johnson had 7 carries for 2 yards. His owners have to be THRILLED about that. DeAngelo Williams was the man with 3 total td's and 148 total yards. You can all thank me for that one, I dropped him in my local league this week. Any player I drop is sure to have a career week, I should have published that fact. If you have a player you want me to try and acquire and drop so he'll go off, just let me know. Carolina ran all over KC and shut the Chiefs offense down cold.

http://www.pigskinaddiction.com/pics/nflhelmets/NFL_Bears1.gif 34- 7 http://www.pigskinaddiction.com/pics/nflhelmets/NFL_Lions1.gif
Snake's Take: Is anyone shocked by this one? I mean seriously...watching the Lions lose each week is just getting to be normal. If/when they ever win a game I'm blown away. They suck on offense, suck on defense and their special teams just aren't that special. Kyle Orton threw for 334 yards...the reason he was on my sleeper list last week. The Lions make anyone look like and All-Pro. Rookie Matt Forte chipped in 2 touchdowns and the defense had a pick-6 to just throttle the sorry *** Lions. I think the Lions should be banned from the NFL.

http://www.pigskinaddiction.com/pics/nflhelmets/NFL_Falcons.gif 27- 24 http://www.pigskinaddiction.com/pics/nflhelmets/NFL_Packers%5B1%5D.gif
Snake's Take: I didn't see this one coming from a mile away! How do the sorry *** Falcons go into Lambeau and beat up on the Packers? Aaron Rodgers and his bum shoulder threw for 313 yards and 3 tds and they still lost! Michael Turner was the man with 121 yards and a score and Matt Ryan hit Roddy White with ease all day. White rang up 8 grabs for 132 yards and a score on his way to a monster day. This game just shows further why I have no freakin' idea what is going to happen each week. I had money on this game and if I had a dog, he would have gotten kicked over this one.

http://www.pigskinaddiction.com/pics/nflhelmets/NFL_Colts_OLD1.gif 31- 27 http://www.pigskinaddiction.com/pics/nflhelmets/NFL_Texans.gif
Snake's Take: This one was a lot closer than it should have been. Steve Slaton was a monster with 93 yards rushing and 2 td's and Andre Johnson finally showed up with 131 yards and a score. All of that still wasn't enough. Peyton Manning, Reggie Wayne and Joseph Addai did just enough damage to eek out the win over the Texans. The fact that the Colts have to eek out a win over Houston really speaks volumes for how crazy this NFL season is becoming. You just can't tell who's going to win. Three touchdowns in the last 5 minutes was the tall order for the Colts and they somehow pulled it off.

http://www.pigskinaddiction.com/pics/nflhelmets/NFL_Chargers.gif 10- 17 http://www.pigskinaddiction.com/pics/nflhelmets/NFL_Dolphins.gif
Snake's Take: Huh? Seriously? Are you kidding? The Phins held LT to 35 yards rushing including a 4th and 1 goal line stop in the 4th quarter that held the lead. The Phins are snapping directly to Ronnie Brown more and more each week which I think is brilliant! If your QB sucks and you can't pass, you might as well use some trickeration. Ronnie Brown had 125 yards and 1 td on the day leading his team to another stunning victory. The Chargers are supposed to be an AFC power-player and they get beat by the lowly Dolphins?

http://www.pigskinaddiction.com/pics/nflhelmets/NFL_Seahawks.gif 6 -44 http://www.pigskinaddiction.com/pics/nflhelmets/NFL_Giants.gif
Snake's Take: This was a good old fashioned ***-whupping. New York scored on their first 19 possessions...at least it seemed that way. Brandon Jacobs looked like a wild beast running for 136 yards and 2 td's on just 15 carries. Domenik Hixon had 4 grabs for 102 yards and a score filling in for Plaxico. The G-men look like they're rolling towards Super Bowl territory again. Eli is just on fire and as long as Jacobs stays healthy they'll have the O balance they need. Their D ain't too shabby either. The Seahawks just looked lost from the word go. Even with Bobby Engrem and Deion Branch back at WR, they couldn't move the ball with a bulldozer. I had no idea the Seahawks were this bad...they stink like rotten arse.

http://www.pigskinaddiction.com/pics/nflhelmets/NFL_Redskins.gif 23- 17 http://www.pigskinaddiction.com/pics/nflhelmets/NFL_Eagles.gif
Snake's Take: To go into Philly and pull off this win, the Redskins served notice that they are for real. Can someone please explain why I benched Clinton Portis? Sure he was facing the #1 run D in the league, but HE'S CLINTON FREAKIN' PORTIS! CP rolled for 145 yards and a score on my bench and now I want to swallow a gun. Chris Cooley was huge with 8 grabs for 109 yards and a score the Skins D held McNabb and B-West in check. The Redskins are now 2-1 against their divisional foes on the road. If that doesn't scream FOR REAL, I don't know what does. This NFC East division is brutal. It's like the SEC in the NFL.

http://www.pigskinaddiction.com/pics/nflhelmets/NFL_Buccaneers.gif 13- 16 http://www.pigskinaddiction.com/pics/nflhelmets/NFL_Broncos.gif
Snake's Take: This was a defensive battle that saw the re-emergence of Jeff Garcia as he almost led the Bucs to a comeback. Brian Griese dinged up his wing and Carrot Top had to come to the rescue. Now we'll have another QB controversy in TB. Cutler wasn't anything special today and Brandon Marshall straight TICKED ME OFF! 3 catches for 25 yards? Dude! You had like 20 catches in one game...can we spread some of those out? Denver played well enough to win and that's all that matters...unless you are a ticked off Brandon freakin' Marshall owner. Dink.

http://www.pigskinaddiction.com/pics/nflhelmets/NFL_Bills.gif 17- 41 http://www.pigskinaddiction.com/pics/nflhelmets/NFL_Cardinals.gif
Snake's Take: What the hell happened here? Is Trent Edwards that good? Edwards went out with injury and JP Loserman came on in relief. Obviously he didn't do so well. It wasn't really his fault...what happened to that defense? Up until this game the Bills D had looked awesome. They got worked like cheap wood by Kurt Warner and the Cards. 41 points? OUCH! So now we have to decide if the Bills are really this bad or were really that good before or is it the Cardinals are this good or were they really that bad before? Yeah...welcome to the NFL 2008.

http://www.pigskinaddiction.com/pics/nflhelmets/NFL_Bengals.gif 22- 31 http://www.pigskinaddiction.com/pics/nflhelmets/NFL_Cowboys.gif

Snake's Take: This was a game of momentum shifts...the Cowboys opened up just kicking the Cardinals around like snotty little brothers. Then the Bengals got their O going and came roaring back. In the end, it wasn't enough. You could look at these two teams on the field and see how much better Dallas is in all aspects. TO had a long bomb touchdown and Felix Jones broke yet another sweet long score. Jones averaged like 10 yards a carry...much like he did at Arkansas. The kid is just plain explosive. The Boys pound you with Barber, then slice you with Felix and once you put all hands on deck for those two they have Witten underneath and TO up top to hurt you deep. Scary.

http://www.pigskinaddiction.com/pics/nflhelmets/NFL_Patriots.gif 30 -21 http://www.pigskinaddiction.com/pics/nflhelmets/NFL_49ers.gif
Snake's Take: Now do you see how important Tom Brady is? The Patriots needed 30 points to pull out a win over San Francisco? If Brady played they would have had 50 points by the 3rd quarter. Randy Moss came up big with a 66 yard touchdown and 111 on the day and that got the Pats going. JT O'Sullivan threw for 3 scores and kept the Niners in this one throughout. If the Pats can't whup up on the Niners, they're in for a long long season. I just get the feeling that the balance of power has shifted from the AFC to the NFC and all these so-called AFC Powers are just horrible this year. The Chargers lose to Miami? NE struggles with SF? It's getting worse by the week.

http://www.pigskinaddiction.com/pics/nflhelmets/NFL_Steelers.gif 26 -21 http://www.pigskinaddiction.com/pics/nflhelmets/NFL_Jaguars.gif
Snake's Take: Another physical contest between these two that saw Big Ben step up big time and get the W. 309 yards and 3 td's on the night were more than enough for Pitt's brutal D to hold onto the win. Nate Washington, Hines Ward and Santonio Holmes were all money tonight. Jacksonville never got the run game going and just couldn't muster enough on offense. Their D got them one of their TD's and this game really wasn't as close as the score. Another crazy week in the books and I'm beat.

10-06-2008, 04:25 PM
It really has been an odd season. I can't believe the Dolphins beat the Chargers and that the Cardinals put up 41 points. Have to love the Ratbirds and the Bungals both losing though.

10-06-2008, 04:53 PM
Injuries throughout the league has everyone :scratching: their heads every week!