View Full Version : Week 1- Houston at Pittsburgh Postgame Thoughts and Grades

09-07-2008, 09:46 PM
Ben Roethlisberger- A. Managed the game very effectively, especially early on when Parker was unable to get good chunks of yards. Nice to see him and Ward finding the endzone together on multiple occasions. Is it just me or does it seem like Ben is making 100+ passer ratings (today 147.0 ) routine in the NFL? His only incompletion out of 14 attempts was when he threw it away after heavy pressure :clap:
Byron Leftwich- C-. Yeah he did look lousy out there. Didn't complete 1 out of his 4 passes but the long 50 yard bomb to NateNate was on point. Of course he dropped it.:lol:

Willie Parker- A. Was off to a slow start but defintely picked it up as the game progressed. With THREE TDs and 138 yards on 25 attempts it sure looks like FWP is back to his old form from 05 and 06. Lets see if he can keep this up past the month of September...
Rashard Mendenhall- B-. Looks pretty good when he was in rotation with Parker, but not so much when he had to carry the load by himself in garbage time. Overall he played well and most importantly NO fumbles :banana:

Santonio Holmes B-. Where were you?! I have you on my fantasy team damnit! :cursin: Ha with the game out of reach pretty much after the 1st quarter, there really wasn't a need for one of Holmes' signature long bombs. However, he did make 3 catches, one of which had my heart pumping when he had the ball stripped but luckily for us it rolled out of bounds. I still would like to see Holmes utilized to catch more of those slants down the middle of the field.
Hines Ward- A. Two nice TD catches up the middle plus a long 70 yard reception that was waived off due to an invisible pass interference call :roll: Great game.:tt02:
Nate Washington- D-. I put 1 drop as my over/under prediction game and of course he goes OVER with 2 :no: . This guy is good for nothing :stirpot:. Give Baker a chance at #3 since he beat out Sweed.
Heath Miller- B. Big man made a few big catches early on keeping drives the chains moving. Played solid today.

Offensive Line- B+. Kemo and Smith played fantastic against a young, speedy Texan defensive front. The run blocking late in the second half was on point. Mario Williams still managed two sacks but overall a very solid effort from the front five. It actually gives me comfort not having to grill Colon and Simmons for once.

Defensive Line- B. Very solid line play from the Hampton, Keisel and Smith. Held the Texan runningbacks minimal yardage. Eason looked good backing up the vets.

Linebackers- A+. I'll say this again, our LBing crew is the easily best in the NFL:cope:. Woodley played exceptional and managed to pick up his first interception :sucope: of his career as well as a sack and 3 tackles in the game. Harrison, as usual, was pretty much unstoppable:helmet:. 6 tackles+2 assisted and THREE sacks. Farrior was sharp with a half a sack accredited and Timmons looked solid with 3 tackles.

Defensive Backs- B-. Is it just me or is Clark starting to hit just as hard as Anthony Smith? He very good in his return making several tackles all over the field. I was also stoked to see Polamalu make his first interception since 2006 :D . Its been so long I don't even remember his last to tell you the truth. Last one I can remember was when Larry Johnson pulled him down by the hair. Anyway, the secondary looked good for the most part though I was pretty unhappy with Andre Johnson managing 112 yards off of 10 receptions.

Special Teams
Return Units- C. Not much happening in this department but at least we held onto the ball.

Coverage Units- A+. Woods and Harrison were all making sure Andre Johnson didn't have a chance to take one to the house. Woods on two occasions met their kick returners practically as soon as they caught the ball. Good job tackling by everyone. :clap:

09-07-2008, 09:50 PM
Andre Davis, not Johnson, returns kicks for the Texans for the record.

09-07-2008, 10:12 PM
I"m not gonna break it down in grades but I think the Offensive Line did a great job! THe defense was stellar and special teams did a fabulous job! I was very impressed and proud of this game! I hope we do the same thing next week against the Brownies! I"m so sick of their mouths!

09-07-2008, 10:19 PM
Nice breadown,,,,,,,:clap:

I was really impressed with our ST's ,,,,,,,,,Also was very pleased with our tackling and was very,very,very, thankful that clark is okay,he's the glue to our secondary :bigthumb:

Pleased with our o-line,,,,,But this is the texans and it is week#1
Just hope the boys stay solid for us and make another run for a title ~~~:towelwave:

09-07-2008, 11:33 PM
special teams -W They did not give up that team killing big play.
O- line-W They performed even better than i expected and i have been backing them.
D-line-W For being such "old men" they were pretty formidable.
D-fense as a whole-W lot of exciting play from that unit.
Offense as a whole-W
Most importantly,team effort-W
We got one in the win column and thats what really counts.It is hard to give a grade after only one class.But we got away injury free,and with the win we all knew they could accomplish. That my "Steel Friends" is a W!!!!!!!!

09-07-2008, 11:38 PM
Considering how bad our Special teams unit has been in both coverage and returns I'd say today was a very good day. the kickoff teams consistently got it out over the 25 yd line so that was good and the coverage units completely shut down every return attempt.

Our return game does need some work though, Mendenhall needs to follow his blockers better but for a first game it wasn't too bad.

09-07-2008, 11:44 PM
Quarterback A+ What more could Ben have done

O'line , I'll give them a B ...the sacks on Ben was scary

Running backs A They ran hard when the defense knew they were coming

Wide Receivers B They need to give Baker a shot in Washingtons spot

Defense 1st half A second half B- I think they got soft with the big lead

Special Teams A+ Other than a return man they were outstanding

Dee Mca
09-08-2008, 01:09 AM
Overall we right where we should be. With the colts losing to the Bears and possibly Brady being out for the year. Opens the door for us. Yes our return game needs much improvement. Coverage team was awsome. I esp liked the 1 kickoff where Reed sent the ball high and our boys was on him as soon as he caught it. Is it me or was reed booming those kickoffs?