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08-21-2008, 01:05 PM
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This Steelers team may look a lot different than traditional Steelers teams have looked. While this is a team historically known for dominant defense and a bruising running game, the 08 team will be known for a powerful offense with plenty of big-play receivers and a defense that could struggle against potent AFC offenses. Pittsburgh is averaging over 24 points per game in 2008 simulations with 30 more passing yards per game forecasted. The defense is allowing over 21 points per game which is a lot more than the 16.8 points per game allowed in 2007. The huge increase can be attributed to a tough schedule. Last season, the Jaguars, Patriots and Seahawks were the only playoff teams the Steelers faced. They have seven games in 2008 against teams that made the 07 playoffs. On top of these teams, they play potent offenses like Cleveland twice, Houston, and Philadelphia. That is 11 games against good to great offenses.

AccuScore investigated whether the Steelers would be better running a pass first offense, much like the 07 Patriots. In Week 10 simulations against the Colts, the Steelers are winning just 41 percent of the time. If they passed the ball on 65 percent of their plays this goes down to 40 percent. Overemphasizing the run is no better as the Steelers win 37 percent when they pass just 40 percent of the time. A balanced offense for the Steelers is the best way to go.

Projected Record: 9-7
Playoff Probability: 58.3%


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