View Full Version : Calling all writers!

10-09-2006, 11:21 PM
We are currently looking for a few members who would like to write some articles about our beloved Steelers! We will be looking for the following.

1 - Someone to write pre and post game articles. These articles would be posted on the hompage as well as in the forum.

2 - Someone to write player and team articles. The topics would be up to the writer but should be based on the Steelers in some way of course.

We have a few rewards in mind for those that would like to do some writing. I'll get into more detail with that a little later. So if you would be interested in this please PM Steelersfan, Top Gun or Pitt23 some of your work and be sure to tell us which type of article you would like to write. Please base the article you send us on the type you want to do so we can review your work.


The SA team!