View Full Version : Schedule not as tough as it appears to be I think...game by game analysis...

07-21-2008, 07:47 PM
game 1. -- The Texans may be one of our toughest challenges. their d-line is scary, and our o-line is a big ?????....... but their secondary scares no one (especially with Dunta Robinson out). Their o-line is vastly improved, but still only slightly better than ours statistically....... pressure matt schaub and andre johnson will not be a factor. I'm also not impressed with the texans' rb's

game 2. --- Alot of preoccupation with the changes the browns made in the offseason, but aside from signing dante stallworth, i'm not impressed...... shawn rogers has the potential to be the most dominating dt in the game, but is lazy, unmotivated and out of shape. I don't see that changing all of a sudden.......

game 3. -- The Eagles are in a state of confusion. most have them contending on reputation alone. make no mistake............. the Eagles will not be in the playoffs this season.

game 4. -- The Ravens are always a tough matchup no matter the state of either of our teams, but the prospect of facing Kyle Boller doesn't keep me up at night (especially without ogden watching his backside anymore)

game 5. -- We should've beaten the Jags in both of our matches last season, and i'm sure the team knows that also.......... we will be playing with a serious chip on our shoulders in this one.

game 6. -- Bengals............ 'nuff said!!!!!!!

game 7. -- I'm sure Plax will be highly motivated coming back to steeltown, and the giants front lines on both sides are quite strong, but i'm not sold on eli yet....... in any case, this could be a season defining game.

game 8. -- The Redskins scare no one because they can't finish....... it will be hard fought, but we will pull this one out.

game 9. -- The Colts will once again be tough, but i'm still not sold on their run stuffers.... not to mention that Peyton Manning has only had one good game against us in his career.

game 10. -- The Chargers are almost a mirror image of us and this game should go down to the wire.

game 11. -- see game 6

game 12. -- I'm hoping for Randy Moss and wes welker to be injured by the time this game rolls around....... if they aren't, then i'll put my hopes on their suddenly weak secondary.

game 13. -- The Cowboys may very well be the team to beat this yr. as on paper they look solid at every area......... we will have to play completely mistake free ball to win this one.

game 14. -- see game 4

game 15. -- The Titans are young and strong, which also translates into extremely inexperienced and immature......... they simply aren't ready to take the next step.

game 16. -- see game 2

All said, I believe we will win our division with at least an 11-5 record, and possibly better despite our shortcomings.........

07-21-2008, 08:35 PM
Like Stats, this all looks good on paper.:yesnod:

Or in this case, monitor.:D

07-22-2008, 12:45 AM
The colts, giants, chargers, titans, & jags game are the concerns for me this year. Im not sold on the Colts defense so this one could come down to a shootout and we've got the weapons for it. the giants are just tough and play physical; Im not worried about Plax that much but the team as a whole plays well together. the chargers game is definitely one that will be decided in the 4th quarter. the titans game will come down to if we can contain Vince Young; if we can then our defense should be able to them from scoring many points but our offense must be able to move the ball on that defense and not let them get any ideas of 4th quarter comebacks. the jags game is one that we should be able to win but they've got our number twice last year so it's up to our team to go out and win it big time and take them out of it early. if they get those 2 backs going it will be hard to start so it's imperative that we strike early and often.

all of those games are winnable; not that Im saying we'll win all of them though. we have the talent to play with anybody in the league but we need to be prepared and ready to go. Last year we had all the chances in the world but blew it.

07-22-2008, 09:33 AM
what TG said. we're capable to win every game we play. will we? no. one of the worst things is to see us lose because we didn't play to our ability. i really wanna spank the jags and pats this year. to do that, we can't make stupid mistakes. i'm talking to you, arians!!

07-22-2008, 10:51 AM
the team needs to get pissed off this year and stay hungry; you can't have a letdown even for a minute regardless of whether the opponent is familiar or not. I want to see this team take it 1 game at a time and stay focused on the task at hand. I honestly believe if we played to our potential every week we can play with anybody in the league and beat anybody at any given time. That's been our downfall in the past though, mental lapses at the wrong time, coming out flat early and getting behind or getting sloppy in the 2nd half and allowing comebacks. I wish we could bottle up the super bowl XL season from the time we were 7-5 and use that all year long. I never saw a more focused, determined, and hungry team than that one. We still made some mistakes like any team does but the attitude of the team, never willing to give up was priceless.

07-22-2008, 11:19 AM
I agree. The entire team just needs to play pissed off all season. Maybe before each game Tomlin should show them how the experts are picking the Browns to win everything under the sun? If that doesn't put a fire under their rear ends, I don't know what will.

07-23-2008, 12:07 PM
Look at our 6 losses last season...
Should have all been wins just like SF, BUF and the first BAL game. So 4 of our losses were to subpar teams. We were in the JAC game til the very end... NE was our only loss that we were underdogs to an eventual 16-0 team. in '08, We really dont have any cake games outside of our division.
Other than our divisional opponents, PHI is the only team on our schedule that didnt make the playoffs. The other three NFCEast teams were all in the postseason. WAS is gonna be a tough out. HOU has a great front 7 that can pressure the QB. The titans are a mirror image of JAC, and a team that prob would be a yearly playoff contender if they werent in the AFCSouth. So other than CIN twice. We are gonna be a very battle tested team if/when we do reach the post season. Unlike last year when we got fat off of subpar teams then flopped against quality opponents.