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10-03-2006, 11:37 AM
I decided to give the Ravens a little more respect this week. It was hard but when it comes down to it they are doing what is needed at the end of games to get the win.

Rank (LW)|Team|Comments
1 (2) |Bears (4-0)|It seems like the Bears are the team to beat this year, at least in the NFC ;)
2 (1) |Colts (4-0)|Came from behind for the second week in a row.
3 (8) |Falcons (3-1)|This 3 spot could be 1 or 2 spots high, but they do have a killer running game!
4 (9) |Patriots (3-1)|Demoralized the Bengals! Everyone thought the Pats were done, but they keep finding ways to win.
5 (12) |Ravens (4-0)|Since the have started 4-0 it's time to give them a little respect, they know how to win games.
6 (11) |Eagles (3-1)|Showed up in the second half and did what good teams are suppose to do, beat the bad ones!
7 (3) |Seahawks (3-1)|Wow! Did they think they had a bye this week or something?
8 (4) |Saints (3-1)|Put up a tough fight, but couldn't pull out a W in the end.
9 (6) |Bengals (3-1)|The Bengals were humiliated this past weekend, at home!
10 (5) |Jaguars (2-2)|After becoming somebody in the league, they are now back to being just another team from Florida.
11 (7) |Vikings (2-2)|Are they on a downward spiral? They have now dropped 2 in a row after a promising start.
12 (18) |Bills (2-2)|The Bills are going to be tough this year, not good, just tough.
13 (13) |Broncos (2-1)|Bye Week
14 (14) |Steelers (1-2)|Were regrouping during their bye.
15 (10) |Chargers (2-1)|They had it in the bag but the defense collapsed in the final minutes.
16 (16) |Giants (1-2)|Bye Week.
17 (17) |Cowboys (2-1)|Did nothing of importance this week except deal with a huge distraction.
18 (20) |Panthers (2-2)|Are coming alive again, but they have showed they struggle desperately to win without Smith.
19 (19) |Rams (3-1)|Won the game, but I guess it doesn't matter how you win as long as you do win.
20 (22) |Redskins (2-2)|Needed OT against Jacksonville, but Brunell is coming alive!
21 (15) |Jets (2-2)|I feel bad dropping them this far, but they've now lost 2 in a row.
22 (21) |Chiefs (1-2)|Huard looked good, but they didn't play any "special".
23 (23) |Cardinals (1-3)|Now maybe Leinart will be the answer?
24 (25) |Dolphins (1-3)|Not sure what happened with the Dolphins :dunno:
25 (28) |Texans (1-3)|Could they be making the turn now too mediocre.
26 (26) |Packers (1-3)|If this is Favre's last year, I the team can help get him some more wins.
27 (24) |49ers (1-3)|Their win against the Rams was obviously a fluke after seeing their performance lately.
28 (30) |Browns (1-3)|Barely bet a sorry Raiders team.
29 (29) |Buccaneers (0-3)|Bye Week
30 (27) |Lions (0-4)|Seem to be playing to their opponents level, with the exception of the Bears game.
31 (31) |Titans (0-4)|Vince obviously isn't taking this team anywhere anytime soon.
32 (32) |Raiders (0-3)|It's not too early to start looking forward to next year.

10-03-2006, 12:24 PM
I would have the Vikings lower. At least behind the Bills since they have the same record and the Bills just beat them. Cowboys and Jets I would have a little higher.

10-03-2006, 12:34 PM
I kept the Vikings that high because they did put up a tough fight against the Bears last week who completely tore apart Seattle.

You're right about the Bills, I could have swapped tehm with the Chargers... what the hell it's my rankings I think I'll change that now :)

The Cowboys stayed put just because they played the Titans, that game wasn't exactly a tough game for them. I treated it more like bye week for them :)

10-03-2006, 12:38 PM
what the hell it's my rankings

LMAO! I thought you were going to say it's my rankings and I'll cry if I want to.....lol Just the first thing that popped into my head when I started reading that. Sorry AZ....lol
You are right about the Cowboys. They did play an easy team but they also did what they should have done by destroying them.

10-03-2006, 12:46 PM
Good point about the Cowboys, but to be perfectly honest I ran into issues around 13, 14 and 16 because I feel you shouldn't move up or down if you have a bye week :dunno: so I left them where they were :D

That's ok about the little song refernce. I use to tell HoS his old name reminded me of Chris Farley in that scene in Tommy Boy at the gas station ;) "I'm a maniac!"... I guess what goes around comes around :)

10-03-2006, 01:20 PM
I think I'd put the eagles over the Ratbirds, even though they are undefeated I'd do it based on the fact that the eagles actually have an offense and the ratbirds have only beaten 1 credible team, and that was just barely in the last minute of the game on a fluke.

I'd also swap the bills and vikings on this one and put the bengals over the saints too. Neither team is great on defense but both can score alot of points, I just think the bengals have a slight edge in experience.

Great job over all dude !

10-04-2006, 12:32 PM
For the Ravens and Eagles... It was really a toss up between these 2 teams so I looked at how they finish games and the Ravens had the edge. The Eagles lost some points for blowing the game against the Giants especially after seeing the Giants getting manhandled by the Seahawks. The Ravens got some bonus points for coming from behind in the final minutes of their last 2 games.