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03-15-2008, 08:06 AM

As I remain haunted by 3rd & 6, thought it would be cathartic to present the dozen most negatively evocative plays in Steelers history. By definition, the majority of those listed are playoff-based. In chronological order....

1. The Gifford Grab: December, 1963
I don't even remember the details, and the Steelers lost the game that would have put them into the NFL Championship game by a score of 33-17, but I've read about Giff's one-handed catch on a key 3rd down as a particularly key element of doing in the Steelers. Ed Brown's throwing the ball anywhere but to his receivers on a day of his newfound sobriety didn't help.

2. The Seiple Fake Punt: New Year's Eve, 1972
Steelers led 7-0 and had stopped the Fins on a 70-degree New Year's Eve in Pittsburgh. Seiple's unplanned scamper around left end enabled the Fins to tie before half. Seated in the South End Zone behind the play, Seiple seemingly had a phalanx of [b]black and gold[b]blockers. Later that night, Penn State loses to Oklahoma in the Sugar Bowl, then Roberto Clemente's plane goes down. Happy ****in' New Year!!

3. The Bradshaw Bonehead: January, 1983
Leading 28-17 in the 4Q of a playoff game against the Chargers, TB threw the ball up for grabs with an open field in front of him. He could have easily run for a first down on this 3rd down play. Instead, the Chargers picked the ball, scored on a 4th down play, then threw the game winner to Kellen Winslow with a few minutes left. Was Bradshaw's final playoff game, at TRS no less.

4. Mark effin' Strock: January, 1990
Steelers trail Denver by a point in the Divisional Playoffs, first down from around the 20 with about a couple minutes left. Bubby his Strock, in stride at the Steeler 40. The nitwit drops it!! Couple plays later, Bubby fumbles, Broncs recover...ballgame.

5. Blocked Punt: January, 1994
Steelers have a 7-point lead on KC with a couple minutes left. Just missed a 3rd down completion to Jeff Graham the previous play, which would have nearly exhausted the clock. Mark Royals' punt is blocked, and the Chiefs tie it on 4th down with a pass to a domestic abuser (timely article, eh?) who should have been in the slammer, per Myron. Cowher blasts Royals on the sideline; Royals gives it right back....Cowher later owns the responsibility. Chiefs win in OT.

6. McKyer...how'd he get inside?: January, 1995
AFCCG v. SD. Steelers hold a 3-point lead, 3rd & 13. Somehow Tim McKyer is one on one with Tony Martin. Somehow, he lets him inside....TD. An inconsolable McKyer is carried off the field by his teammates.

7. O'D: January, 1996
O'Donnel hadn't thrown a ball like that all year long, and now he throws two in one half in the SB!! Don't need to say anything more about it; all of you know.

8. Chan Gailey, what was he thinking of?: January, 1998
Never forget this one!! Steelers up 14-10, 4 minutes to half, 2nd & 1, JB's running well. Kordell is NOT throwing well, having narrowly avoided pics twice previously when throwing into double coverage. Ideally, we keep it on the ground, get at least 3 more before the half while exhausting the clock.
Instead, Gailey has Kordell throw deep, he's picked, Steeles are down 24-14 at the half.

9. Belichick Owns Cowher, Volume I: January, 2002
AFCCG. Somehow Belichick knows that Troy Edwards runs OOB covering punts, while Cowher either doesn't know, or knows and hasn't done a damn thing about it. Beli alerts the officials pre-game. Josh Miller gets off a booming punt, but Edwards gets flagged. On the re-kick, Miller spends all of his prep time and energy bellyaching about the placement of the ball on the hash, Fiala misses a tackle, Troy Brown takes it to the house.

10. Maddox Misfires: January, 2003
Div. Playoff vs. Tennessee. Others will point to other plays as costing the Steelers a trip to the AFCCG, but I remember this one. First down at the Tennessee 40, 2 minutes left in a tie game. T. Mathis is open on an out at the 29; Maddox underthrow s him. A completion and we're in FG range. Another two incompletes, a missed DW tackle in OT, then a DW roughing on the award-winning actor Joe Nedney, and the season's over.

11. The Maddox Debacle: October, 2005
Steelers went on to win the SB, but I perhaps was never as incensed as after, in OT, TMaddox first fumbles the ball away in Jax territory, already IN FG range, and then throws a pic-6 when the Steelers get the ball back. I had a guest in the home for the first time, but ejected my tape and proceeded to smash it with a hammer amid the protestations of my family. Had Maddox been standing on the Smithfield Street Bridge post-game, I swear I would've pushed the mother-****er off....and Cowher along with him, who postgame said he had "thought about replacing Maddox..." Hey Bill, what the F** were you waiting for??
Then, Maddox complains about **** being thrown on his lawn. Hey Maddox.....F*** You.

12. 3rd & 6: January, 2008


03-15-2008, 05:25 PM
The Maddox debacle made me ALMOST as mad as the 3rd and 6 abortion! Maddox's kids also got threatened along with the lawn full of turds! God, I love yinzers!!!!!!!!!!!