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03-13-2008, 11:38 AM
Possible pick to play FS for the Steelers? Polamalu hasn't been himself since Chris hope left. Polamalu seems best when he has a rangy FS along side him. Talib is also a return man. I really like the possibility. Free Safeties are allowed to roam and instinct and ahtletic ability are a huge plus for a safety. His speed would give him great range. He was originally a safety prospect out of high school. His ball skills would make his upside great. He also a gamble, Ed Reed is a gamble. You could probably draw a few comparisons between Reed and Talib. Read my scouting report and decide...

POSITION: Cornerback
SCHOOL: Kansas
CLASS: Junior
HT: 6-1
WT: 202
40: 4.45

Aqib Talib over the last year became one of the more known and talked about prospects of this class. He played a vital role in the success the Kansas Jayhawks had this past season. Talib is a highly athletic guy know for making big plays in big games. He does however have some areas of his game that need improvement.


As stated, one of Talib's greatest attributes is his athletic ability. He has great size and excellent ball skills and hands. Talib is very physical in press coverage and does a nice job of getting his hands on receivers and jamming them at the line of scrimmage, but overall not a physical player. He understands zone concepts well. His long speed was in question, but at 4.45 in the 40 those questions have gone away. Added value in the return game. Has experience on the offensive side of the ball.


Stiff hips and flaws in his technique stand out the most as Talib's weaknesses. Has quite on plays at times and has shown some inconsistancy. Needs to improve run support, not sure if it's ability or desire or both. Gambles often, sometimes gives up big plays because of it. May struggle with quick receiver and tends to bite on double moves. Some character/attitude issues that need to be sorted out.


While not a polished prospect, certainly one with a high ceiling. Could be considered a "boom or bust" prospect. His weaknesses will hurt his ability to come in and cover the slot early and will need to be a starter to hit the field. May ultimately wind up as a FS. His upside will keep his draft stock high, but he may very well end up a 2nd round pick.

NFL Comparison:

Jason Allen, S, Miami Dolphins

BIO (http://kuathletics.cstv.com/sports/m-footbl/mtt/talib_aqib00.html)

03-13-2008, 01:22 PM
I would love to have him, but I think we have more pressing matters. To me it's fine if we go DE then OL in the draft, but we don't really need more safeties, although I would like to have some. And we already picked up a return guy.

03-13-2008, 02:31 PM
This dude is gonna be a top 10 pick prob to NE... and even if he were available at 23... i would cry like a baby if we drafted this dude or any other CB or FS... we had the number 1 defense last year and to draft a CB (be it to play S or not) would be moronic!!! I could see if we didnt need so much help on BOTH of our lines or if this dude was Charles Woodson or Dieon Sanders out of College, but he isnt! Alot of so called " experts " dont even have this dude as #2 or #3 CB in this draft!!! Sorry Darnik, he a player, but not for us (i hope)

K Train
03-13-2008, 03:00 PM
theres been one corner is the last few years i wouldve been ok with using a first on....and that was cromartie, i knew he was gonna be ****ing awesome. and yet again....theres a cromartie in the draft that i would give a first round grade. i just dont see corners being great first rounders unless they are champ bailey or rod woodson. Hall was a legit pick, and cromartie. ty hill is a bum, leon hall is a scrub, revis is ok....but i wouldnt have taken him. I love talib, hes my #2 corner, he had a bad combine but his skills are undeniable. his ball skills are fantastic, but at this point it has to be DRC for me if its a corner