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09-25-2006, 01:40 AM
Right now we are the most undisciplined team that Ive seen take the field in a long time in Pittsburgh. We're doing things completely out of character for a Bill Cowher coached team.

Dropped passes - for as bad as Ben has played the last 2 weeks the WR's aren't helping him either by dropping passes.

Missed tackles - I can't remember the last time Ive seen our defense miss so many tackles. We're not playing gap sound defense, we're not wrapping up the player, we not kicking the snot out of them and making them pay every single time they touch the ball. We're not being the intimidating blitzburgh on a consistent basis. Sure we've shown spots here and there but it needs to be a 60 minute affair.

ST - our special teams are as bad as Ive seen them since before Spencer took over. Coverage teams are spotty at best, kickoff returns net us nothing more than the same starting point as a touchback, and we won't even discuss the punt returns !! Jeff Reed is in a major slump right now.

QB - Yes Ben is still coming back to form after being off so much this past summer, preseason, camp, and missing the first game, but as we stated in another thread he needs to play within himself and stop forcing the issue.

Celebrations - I don't agree with the penalty on Parker in the endzone, but still the players know better and they know the officials are calling that stuff. The one on Logan was killer too. It's lack of concentration and awareness on the field that leads to stupid penalities that cost us momentum and big yards.

09-25-2006, 01:55 AM
I couldn't agree more. I don't feel like I'm watching the same Steelers at times. We are making a lot of critical mistakes and other teams are capatilizing on them.
The WRs are dropping a lot of balls and not making plays we are used to them making. Ward and Ben (along with the other recievers) don't seem to be clicking yet. They have not developed that chemistry yet, but I feel that will come.
Agree 100% with the tackles
Our ST has definately taken a step backwards. They seem to be making mistakes that are unexcusable. They kept Willie for returning kicks, but it's kind of hard when he's not even dressed.. Something obviously needs to be done because we are starting with terrible field position on every drive it seems.
As for Ben, I hope he comes around soon. I was pretty pissed after the game listeneing to some people call into this show saying we should bench him and start Batch for the rest of the season. That is absolutely rediculous, but he does have to get some things going and get that connection with his recievers esp.Ward.
As for the celebrations, maybe I didn't see it all but I didn't really think it was any worse than Henry throwing the ball towards the stands. And there was jawing on both sides the entire game and I didn't see anything different on the taunting call. Maybe I missed something, but I do agree that is not the Steelers. On a plus while we are talking about penelties. I think for the most part the Steelers have done an excellent job staying away from penalties which we have had some problems with before.

09-25-2006, 02:01 AM
Yeah I heard those callers too, benching Ben would be the dumbest move ever. It's not like Charlie is the future of the team and ready to take over and lead us. Ben has proven in the past he can lead this team when he uses the players around him and plays smart football. We're just going to have to ride this out and let him get through the bumps till he gets his confidence in his game back, and confidence in the pocket.

How long that will take is anybody's guess. One thing is for sure, you can't force yourself to get better right away, it takes time...all forcing the ball does is cause turnovers and missed opportunities which is exactly what has killed us the last 2 weeks.

09-25-2006, 02:08 AM
yeah, it's funny how quickly people will turn on someone.

Hopefully the bye week will get us back to being the Steelers we know and love!!! A few years back an early bye week was the perfect medicine...I'm hoping this year is the same!

09-25-2006, 02:17 AM
For some odd reason the bye week, for as much as we gripe about it always being early, it usually works to our favor either because the team needs to regroup or becuase of injuries. Hopefully it works out again cuz we sure need to do some soul searching get back to basics.

09-25-2006, 12:23 PM
You're right TG... this team is the most undisciplined team that I have seen since Cowher has been the head coach.

There is no excuses for missed tackles, instead of the guys going for the big hit they need to get back to the basics and wrap somebody and slam their *** to the ground!

Benching Ben isn't the answer either because he needs to get through what ever is hanging over his head! I don't know what it is but something has a hold of him right now and it's not looking good. Maybe his sophomore slump came a year late :dunno: Maybe it does have something to do with him not being in game shape yet :dunno: He needs to work through it and the Whiz needs to call plays to help him get some confidence back.

As for ST punt coverage... there average didn't improve this week but it didn't get any worse either. They did fall to #30 because the Packers moved ahead of them. Punt coverage has done a complete 180 from the first week of the season. It's the Steelers punt return team that is in question now! The Steelers are ranked #31 averaging just 3.1 yards per return, this one area where ARE is definitely begin missed right now. As for kick return, the Steelers are #28 averaging 19.6 yards!!! This is an area where the Steelers are probably missing Morgan because he was good for a 30-40 yard return at least once per game.

This Steeler team though is making entirely to many uncharacteristic mistakes! Maybe they let the SB win go their head but hopefully these loses has knocked some of that cockiness out of them!

09-25-2006, 02:34 PM
They can talk the talk all they want about this is a new year, we're focused, the SB was last year :blah: but if that is indeed the case or atleast part of it, these last 2 weeks should serve as a well needed wake up call.

Maybe we expect too much from Ben? Knee surgery, Bike accident/broken jaw, appendtectomy all in less than a year and the last 2 within a couple months of each other. He's lost weight, his timing isn't there, he's jittery in the pocket, all just takes time to get back...the problem is we don't have that much time with only a 16 game season. He's always been a quick healer and tough as they come so I have faith in him, let's just hope it doesn't take to awful long.

09-25-2006, 02:57 PM
I think Ben's lifestyle and all the partying he does drinking and being with women too has not helped him heal and keep his mind completely focused on football. I can say this for a fact because I know the women who is Ben's personal assistant and a few people who see Ben quite often and they tell me he is still out partying and drinking and not really watching his health the way he should be coming off two major things with the bike accident and appendectomy. Ben really needs to play well if this team is going to have any chance of getting back to the Super Bowl or the playoffs for that matter.

As for the schedule I hate the way this schedule is the first 4 weeks here. I dont wanna use that as an excuse or anything but there has just been either not enough or too many days off it seems like in between these games. I cannot wait till this bye week is over with and we can get back to playing normal Sunday afternoon games after the San Diego Sunday night game. After that we play 7 straight 1 or 4 o clock games till the Thursday night game in December against Cleveland. But I really do think that the way the NFL schedueled the Steelers the first four weeks with it being so unbalanced has not done them any favors at all the schedule sucks in my opinion and Ill be so glad to get back to normal here once we play the Chargers in 2 weeks.

09-25-2006, 03:41 PM
That's something Ben is going to have to deal with and realize that he has responsibilities to this team and himself. We need him on this team to be a leader and the #1 guy in the huddle. I know he's young, has alot of pressure on him,and a ton of repsonbilities not to mention and obscene amount of money in his bank account but priorties are part of life so we'll see how he handles it.

09-25-2006, 04:10 PM
Ben is still very young, I'm sure he'll mature soon and realize he needs to set an example for his teammates... In his defense though I would be probably be partying too with a big ole super bowl ring on my fnger ;)


Black@Gold Forever32
09-25-2006, 09:29 PM
Well guys I think Troyisabest makes a really good point. I don't want to sound like a poor fan. But with saying how he wants to be leader and an elite QB. Then he needs to put the work in and stop the partying. The true great ones do work at their craft. I also know that Ben's first two years were really solid. But he was far from a finished product. I'm one of the biggest Ben fans around. But I really hope he looks himself in the mirror and starts not taking his talent for granted.

09-26-2006, 12:18 AM
Stating your opinion doesn't make you a poor fan. We all see things a little different. I know a lot of other forums and such can make you feel that way at times but I really hope we don't here. Opinions are what makes forums!
I don't know what Ben does with his spare time but if he is doing that stuff he needs to get focused! I'm not against him doing what he wants but he still needs to play well. I think he will be fine myself. All him and the offense need is for everyone to be on the same page and get some practice together.