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09-25-2006, 12:09 AM
After this loss today. I dont want to call this a devistating loss to Cincy but with both Cincy and Baltimore winning today and being 2 games up and at 3-0 the Steelers really really MUST win that game in 2 weeks down in SD. The Steelers at this point can forget about winning this division being virtually 3 games down to Cincy essentially with the head to head tiebraker now going toward Cincy. I know its very early in the year to look at this and the Steelers still have 2 games left with Baltimore later on in the year but the Steelers here eventually assuming they start winning some games are going to need Cincy or Baltimore to start losing games here eventually or there gonna find themselves in trouble to even make the playoffs let alone win the division. The next 7 games are for the Steelers I think while some are tough are very winnable. SD,KC,ATL,OAK,DEN,NO,CLEV. Four out of those 7 games are at home, Oakland is pretty much a gimmie win even though its down there. The 2 key games they have to get our against SD and Atlanta because both are on the road. They still have a good shot to come out of that 7 game stretch here 6-1 or 5-2 at the worst. The D has been playing great there going to have 2 weeks to prepare to shut down LT in SD, and make Rivers who still hasnt been tested yet win the game. We will see how good Phillip Rivers looks next week down in Baltimore when he plays against a very good defense similar to the Steelers.

So the bottom line the Steelers are definitely going to have to run off some wins here and get some help with both Cincy and Baltimore losing. If the Steelers lose to SD and fall to 1-3 and the Bengals and Ravens go to 4-0 here then that might spell doom and eliminate any chance for the Steelers to dig themselves out of this hole. I do think that Balt and Cincy will lose some games here within the next 2 weeks so if the Steelers take care of business like there capable of they will be in good shape. But in order for any of this to happen the must win in SD. They cannot afford to go down 3 games in the standings to both Cincy and Balt.

House of Steel
09-25-2006, 12:12 AM
Excellent Post, Troy.

09-25-2006, 12:16 AM
We can't control what other teams do. We just need to win the games we should. Things will be tight in the division this year and I don't see that changing anytime soon. The Ravens and Bengals get to beatup on each other twice and I can see the Browns maybe sneaking a win in against one of them (almost today). The Bengals also still have to play the Colts, Denver and the Pats so they have no easy schedule. If we learned anything from last year is that never give up!

09-25-2006, 01:01 AM
I agree Im sure as hell not going to give up. The Bengals as you said finish up with games on the road in Denver and Indy before hosting the Steelers on New Years Eve so as you said and like I said in my other posts as long as the Steelers can run off some wins here in a row which I really think they can with the game they have upcoming here there gonna be fine. Baltimore has no easy task either they have SD,Denver on the road, and Carolina the next 3 games. Baltimore after seeing them play Cleveland today and squeak out a win will not win all 3 of these games. I can see them possibly losing 2 of them which would put the Steelers right back in it here if they go on a streak of there own. I expect the Pats to give Cincy all they can handle next week down there especially with the Pats losing tonight to Denver at home. The Pats rarely play 2 bad games in a row and they can run the ball very well and Cincy has had problems stopping the run so I expect a very close tight game next week. Hopefully the Pats can do us a favor for once on our week off and give Cincy a 1 in that loss column.

09-25-2006, 01:22 AM
Hey if we can win 4 straight and then take the wildcard all the way to the Super Bowl we can do anything...that being said, I'd rather not take that path again unless we have too, its not something you can count on doing every year.

I agree at this point the bengals have a tough schedule and can easily lose 3 games this season, the problem is, can we keep pace from here on out to be in a position to have a chance to fight for the division at the end of the year, or atleast get one home game in the playoffs. Only time will tell, but if there ever was a must win game for us early in the season, I'd agree the SD game is pretty high up there.

09-25-2006, 01:32 AM
Yes its about as close as a must win as it gets because as I said the schedule here gets a bit easier with some home games and some games that are a lot more winnable come late October early November. If the Steelers can get to 2-2 and run off some wins and get to 5-2 6-2 going into November they will be fine because you gotta think that Cincy and Balt are gonna lose games here eventually especially since they still have to play each other twice. But I agree a lot of how this season could unfold we be told a lot from what happens with that game in SD in 2 weeks it very well could mean the season with the Bengals and Ravens possibly both sitting there at 4-0 at that point. I do think however that with Cincy playing the Pats next week and Balt playing SD who is coming off a bye week that one of them will suffer there first loss next week. Both of those games next week are going to be very tough for Cincy and Baltimore to win.

09-25-2006, 01:42 AM
I agree SD is a must win again. We need to get some confidence back. We should of had Cincy today, but we didn't. We made so many mistakes and continually shot ourselves in the foot. We need to get back on track and we do that by beating SD.

09-25-2006, 01:43 AM
Baltimore is as overrated as it gets...when they play a team that's actually good and has won a game this year they'll be exposed you can bet on it.

Cincy is good, their offense can score as well as anyone in the league but if that defense continues to have problems stopping the run its gonna spell trouble for them, it should have spelled trouble for them today had we not turned the ball over 5 times...and we yet we still had a chance to tie with 20 seconds to go.

09-25-2006, 11:55 AM
The Steelers are back to taking it one game at a time, I don't want to say everything is a must win at this point but it's getting close to that. It sucks falling down 2 games to both Cincy and the Ravens, but like SF said we can't control what they do on the field. The Steelers definitely need some help now, but Cincy does have a tough schedule (comes with the territory of being Division champ ;)).

Considering the Bengals schedule and the Steelers, the Ravens could easily sneak in and win the division with their patty cake schedule. Bottom line though, the Steelers have a lot of soul searching the next couple of weeks and they need to start putting up W's. 5-2 over the next 7 games will put them at 6-4 and their backs will be against the wall for sure then! They need to go like 7-0 but if that's not possible then 6-1 at the least...

09-25-2006, 01:55 PM
I agree with you completey AZ they need to run off a streak like 6 out of the next 7 here that would put us at 7-3 going into the Ravens game down there on November 26th. The Steelers next 7 games include this @SD,KC,@ATL,@Oak,Denver,New Orleans and @ Cleveland. There is no reason to believe that they cannot win 6 out of 7 there is they quit shooting themselves in the foot and play like there capable of playing. The two key games as Ive said in that stretch are going to be at San Diego and at Atlanta. I think they will beat KC,Denver,and the Saints here and win in Oakland and Cleveland. The key will be finding a way to win at least one of those games or both of them.

If the Steelers can do that and end up 7-3 at the end of November going into Baltimore they will be fine. Baltimore has no cake schedule either as you say. There next 3 games are against SD,Denver, and Carolina who is going to turn things you around you have to think. They still have to play us twice and Cincy as well. Cincy is the team you need to lose at this point more then the Ravens with us now virtually being 3 games behind them with losing the head to head tiebraker. Cincy has a tough road too as well especially in December finishing up with games at Denver and Indy before hosting us down there. So while there is a lot of time left to turn this thing around and right this ship there MUST be a sense of urgency going into SD in 2 weeks. Ill go out on a limb right here and say if they lose that game in SD they are going to have a very very tough time making the playoffs. That game is about as close as a must win games as it gets.

09-26-2006, 03:40 PM
WE have to win this game if we jusy want to make the playoffs