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I hadn't intended to even post here, but given an initial reception that includes a contention that I'm "in love with" myself, amateur diagnoses that I'm afflicted with Multiple Personality Disorder, and a warning of sorts that I'm only permitted one screen name, I thought it best to convey a few thoughts.

I frequented Stillers.com for 9 years, wrote articles for their Main Page for the past 3. Until this past summer, the only screen name I ever used was Swissvale72. There was an episode of the Message Board being spammed and rendered virtually inoperable last summer. A Kangaroo Court reveiled the IP address of the spammer to match my own. One problem with that.....AOL uses the same IP address for people in the same general region. Another New Englander, a Pats fan, BFingersby, admitted to the wrongdoing. Everyone was satisified with that, with the exception of StillBlitz, who is your very own Iron City South. He continued to accuse me of utilizing multiple aliases, spamming the boards, would alter the posts of people that he thought were me, etc.

In September, I did generate the Screen Name of Beauty School Dropout, for the express purpose of responding to posts of a specific poster who's in the haircutting business. EVERYONE, from the outset, knew it was me. I then developed a Russian voice, Nikita Kruschev, who posted less than 10 times, and was absolutely harmless.

I continued upon this vein until I was subsequently suspended, for the next decade, for two reasons.
a. In my short lifespan as a moderator, I suspended posters that called women on the board by the c-word.
b. I wrote spoof pieces making fun of the other moderators, including ICS.

After my suspension, it is true that I developed other screen names, that were typically suspended after a single post. Why did I do this? I was admittedly fighting a losing battle, trying to combat.....
a. The site owner impersonating me, posting as "Swissvale72" and constructing a bogus apology letter to the site, where I admit to being mentally ill, spamming the site, beg forgvieness, etc. Wasn't me...
b. The site owner listing my real name, my work phone # and cell phone # and encouraging people to call me
c. An alteration of a post I had written conveying condolence to a fellow poster who had lost his brother (might have been the work of ICS).
d. Allowing a screen name to exist, and post, that is my real name. That one is ongoing

I eventually realized that I couldn't wage this war on their battlefield, where everything I said was suspended and/or altered. I've assured Top Gun that I use one screen name. I've posted on other Steeler sites lately, solely as Swissvale72.

As for my writing? I'm often challenged with this statement by Mrs. Swiss..."You care more about this team than than the players do," to which I respond, "I"ve been rooting for this team longer than any of the players (and now their Head Coach) has been alive." I write about my experiences as a fan. I've played my share of football, through high school and through college at a D-III level, but I do not pretend to be an expert. I refer to my writing as "frivolous bullshit." It's passionate; I try to have fun with it. I'll post some of my old articles. If you'd rather they not be posted here, please let me know.

Otherwise, as I told Top Gun, I'm still getting the lay of the land, understanding the various forums and the rules around the language.

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People love to talk and too many people believe what they hear as opposed to asking the person being attacked what the real story is. Or at the very least what their side of the story is. People today can easily hide behind some screen name and spread untrue rumors about anyone, that will spread like wildfire over the internet. I have no respect for people who "talk about anyone." I just know enough to stay away from them and I would never defend myself to anyone..........let them think what they want because they will anyway.

Welcome to SA!

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Well... hopefully things turn out different for you here at SA. We try to be open minded and accept everyone for who they are and respect their opinions. Sometimes the respect part is forgotten in the heat of a debate but in the end it all works out! :bigthumb:


If you have any questions or concerns let us know! :bigthumb:

Nice article by the way!

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Thanks for the welcome, and AZ, thanks for the feedback on the article.

I wrote a similar piece, around the same time, on Forbes Field Memories. I'll find the appropriate forum, post that as well. If you liked the Pitt Stadium piece, you'll likely enjoy this one, also.

Thanks again....good to be here!!

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Welcome to SA!

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Welcome to the site Swiss... you're nuts, but we're glad to have you here. :greengrin:

I don't post, but I've visited stillers.com for years. I just go there for the dysfunction... it's like a soap opera that you read. I like it but it's not as fun as it used to be.

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:hiya: :welcome:

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welcome, dude...

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:greetings::welcome:everyone deserves a second chance.:tt02:

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Welcome to SA! Good people and a cool site!! Enjoy!!! :cope: :cope: :cope:

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Welcome to SA!!!!! Enjoy!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!