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12-23-2007, 09:46 PM
Wildcard Weekend:
Browns vs. Steelers
Derek Anderson leads the Browns offense down the field for an opening TD. Ben starts off slow and throws a terrible Pic-six. The Defense can't stop the Browns all hafl long and the Steelers trail 24-10 at halftime. The Steelers get the ball and finally unveil the no-huddle they had talked about all preseason. Ben leads them on a roll scoring three consectutive TDs before Cleveland gets field goal. With the score 31-27, the Steelers try to run out the clock and fail. After getting the punt return to mid-field, the Browns drive to the Steelers' 25 yard line with 0:43 left. Facing a 3rd and 13 after a James Harrison sack, Derek Anderson gets picked off by Troy. Troy takes it to the house, ending the Browns season. Final: 38-27.

Jacksonville vs. San Diego
It is LT vs. Fred at Qualcomm Stadium. The Jags don't bye into it and stuff LT for only 23 first half rushing yards. The Jags offense behind Fred and David go up 14-3 thanks to a 51 yard TD run by Fed going into halftime. Rivers has a quiet first half going only 11-25 with 106 yards and two interceptions. The San Diego crowd actually starts chanting "Marty Ball! Marty Ball!" As the second half begins. Fortunes don't improve for the Chargers as LT fumbles going into the endzone on a 13 play drive. Jacksonville smells blood and David Garrard on a rollout, finds Matt Jones for an 80 yard TD bomb to make it 21-3. Rivers then tries to lead a comeback. He throws a TD to Gates at the end of the quarter. the 4th is all Jacksonville though. Fred Taylor brings the Jags home with 87 yards and 2 TDs.

Divisional Playoffs

Jaguars vs. Colts
Poor David Garrard. He just cannot beat Peyton Manning. Manning shows that even two weeks off can't rattle him. He fires in 4 TDs, 2 to Marvin Harrison and 2 to Reggie Wayne. The Jags showedf they can play with the Colts, however. After a Colts TD Garrard leads the Jags to a TD to make it 7-7. Then it was all Payton. He took over with two touchdowns before halftime to make it 21-7. David just would not quit leading his team a second half TD making 21-14. The Payton took over and lead three touchdown drives to make it 42-17 heading into the 4th. The reak story here is that Fred Taylor ran for only 32 yards. The Colts defense was all over the field forcing 2 David Garrard ints in the 4th. Final Score: 45-23.

Steelers vs. Patriots
*Heavy sigh* the Steelers are unfortunatly "doomed" befroe this one begins. Tom Brady was so shocked that Anthony Smith did not gaurantee a win that he amost does it himself. ESPN does a special everyday about how "special" this Pats team is. Having enough of it, Jsmes Harrison sacks Tom Brady on the first play of the game. Brady reacts by first whining at the refs, then screaming at his o-line. After punting, Ben finds Hines Ward for the Steelers first TD. Brady then responds by leading a 12 play drive where on every play we are reminded at how perfect the Patriots are. Tom Brady fails to find the endzond, overthrowing Randy Moss. Brady whines some more at refs while Stephen Vinateiri kicks a field goal. Ben on the next series finds Heath Miller 5 times including a 15 yard TD where Miller stiff-arms Teddy Bruschi. Phil Simms still comments on how perfect Bruschi is and that Brady could lead a come back. On the next series Brady throws a Pic-six making it 21-3. A drunkSteeler fan thinking it is 2004 holds up a sign reading: "21 and Done". Brady continues to whine at the refs for good reason on the next series as the Pats once again settle for a field goal. The Steelers hold the ball for the rest of the half. In the secind half, Brady begins to lead a comeback. He throws every pass to Randy Moss who pushes of on every play. Score: 21-13. the Steeler offense stays concervative only running Najeh who can't be stopped. Bruschi gets frustrated and begins whining at the Refs. The Steelers settle for a field goal. In the 4th quarter, Tom Brady gets sacked again by Troy. This time it the Hoodie who whines at the refs, he pulls a Spurrier and throws his headphones down. On Fourth down with 4:50 left down 27-19, the Pats go for it. Brady finds Wuss Welker who gets rocked by Troy Polamalu and forces Wuss to fumble which recovered by James Harrison. Wes gets up and Whines at the refs with Tom and the Hoodie. The Steelers run out the rest of the clock and just for good measure, they for a TD on 4th down. Ben finds Hines ward again in the endzone. Final Score:34-19. After the Game, Tom Brady says: "I still know we're the better team."

AFC Championship

Steelers vs. Colts
The Steelers don't care now that they've beaten Tom Brady. Peyton Manning burns the Steelers secondary and it over before halftime at 24-3. Ben tries to lead a comeback but Arians keeps calling WR screens. Final:38-17.

It really doesn't matter who makes it for the NFC, they are going to lose anyway. But just for god measure, Brett Favre beats Tony Romo in a rematch and TO blames it on Jessica Simpson. In the Super Bowl, Manning shows up Favre who throws two INTs. It is not even close: 34-17 Colts win...........again.:nahnah::nahnah:

K Train
12-23-2007, 11:40 PM
that was...interesting lol

12-24-2007, 03:31 PM
That was interesting kgreen, but, if the Steelers take the browns out in the first round they would then go to Indy for the Colts and then to the AFC Championship against the Pats.

I think we could go all the way this year, depending on Arians calls.

12-26-2007, 12:34 PM
The Steelers run out the rest of the clock and just for good measure, they for a TD on 4th down\

We're too classy of an organization to do that...we're not the Patriots remember.

12-28-2007, 08:03 AM

We're too classy of an organization to do that...we're not the Patriots remember.

i know that I wasn't being serious at all when I made this.