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09-21-2006, 11:48 AM
This is from TMC at Steeler Nation. He's good, real good, and can break a game down with the best of them. His take is based on the fact that the Bengals defense is really overrated. Here goes...

Steelers Defense VS Bengals Offense
Where should I start? To be honest, this is the engine for the Bengals. As their offense goes, so goes their season. If this offense ever sputters, they are not an 8-8 team because they cannot stop anyone. So, stop the offense, stop the team. Now, they will be without their starting center. And, as much as the fans would like you to believe it, Ghiaciuc is not Braham. Not even close. While he may have worked in spot duty and made it out alive, we have saw NUMEROUS guys make it a game or two and look like a world beater...not buying it and Casey Hampton will bring a load. I think they will have to give help in the center. To add to this, currently Levi Jones and Steinbech are considered probable, which means they are going to play injured. Our defensive line seems pretty healthy. Our linebackers are healthy. I think this is a battle we win, especially with the cross blitz up the gut. The Steelers will, as they always do, focus on stuffing the run first. I think we have the ability to play on the Bengals side of the ball and force them to throw, which they like anyway, but it is better to force them to do it than for them to elect to do it. Now, at wide receiver, Tab Perry is out, Chatman and Houshmanzadeth are probable/questionable depending on how loopy Marvin Lewis is feeling at the press conference. There is some talk that Henry may be out as well and I wonder if CJ was able to stuff a kotex in his bleeding gash. This offense is banged up now and will be black and bruised Sunday. I think Palmer will really hate us now. Expect him to spend a lot of time on his back....you know, in the cornhole position. Also, if Polamalu can play with BOTH arms, he comes up big. He is certainly becoming a Bengal killer.

Steelers Offense VS Bengals Defense

The Bengals have lost Dexter Jackson and he is an average to slightly better than average safety. They also pimp Madieu Williams like the 2nd coming, but all he did was have a ton of tackles as a rookie and then take a season off.....Chris Fuamatu-Ma'afala style. So, one peaked with the Bucs and has not shown ****, the other peaked as a rookie and has not shown ****. Bengal fans think they are golden because that town has been so void of a defense for so damn long, they do not know any better. Now, for the stars of the defense (believe me, this won't take long)....they have three starters to watch. Tory James and Delthea O'Neal are big play corners. Now, they can get burned like most corners, but throw one they can touch, and they pick it. The thing is, they are either killing you are you are scoring. Bengal fans like to talk about their high powered offense, but their defense gave up @300 yards less last season than their offense gained. The other guy to watch is Brain Simmons. He is a good linebacker on a bad team. The mayor of Cincy must have pictures of him ****ing a goat to make him stay there that long. Thier line is made up of veteran journeymen past their prime and draft busts. Adams may be strong in the middle, but get him running early and unless they have a intravenous buffet to keep him going, he will not last.

The keys, the Steelers need to run the off-tackle to both sides and I would focus on the side where Pollack played. They are obviously lacking depth there and I would make the work. I also want to force their corners to make tackles. Then, I definitely work Miller over the middle on Kaesviharn. I dress every wide receiver I can and I throw some deep balls up to Washington and Reid, who should be drawing coverage from their 3rd/4th corner and safeties. While they are high on Jonathan Joseph, trust me when I say he needs technique work and recievers than run crisp routes can get away from him. He has the ability to be solid in the future, but he needs some work. Finally, I think we see plenty of Willie Parker because I want him on that secondary. I also dress AND play Davenport. I think we pound the rock. NOT RUN IT, POUND IT. This one starts a little slow offensively and will drag on while the offense pounds them. This defense is STILL below average and our offense should pound it.

Steelers Special Teams VS Bengals Special Teams

I would love to tell you that our special teams smokes theirs....but, they lost Tab Perry, their return guy and we have yet to find a good one to replace ARE. Reid anyone? IF we dress Reid, we get the edge. If we do not, the amazing level of suckitude from these two units is too close to call. Can either team return a kick?

Final Prediction: Steelers 27-Bengals 10

09-21-2006, 11:55 AM
Not bad... I like the outcome though! :)

I do believe the bengal defense is over-rated. Hopefully, the Steelers offense that we all know they have will show up to really test this weak defense and quiet the critics!

09-21-2006, 12:05 PM
Nice article Suit. Only thing I see is that our ST's can make anyone look good returning punts. Wasn't so bad last game so hopefully they keep that up.

09-21-2006, 08:10 PM
I remember TMC. That dude can break down a game like nobody I've ever seen. Plus if I remember right he's a beast breaking down draft picks too!

Yeah our special teams can make a high school return guy look like Desmond Howard in the Super bowl! :rolleyes: We did do alot better in coverage on MNF, but if we don't make a change in the return game we're gonna be at our own 10 every damn time !

09-21-2006, 09:31 PM
The one good thing Holmes has done was when he leveled that Jaguar (not sure who) when he was sitting at the goal line waiting to down another punt inside the 5. Holmes just stepped out of the way of the ball and then nailed the guy before it hit! Was a great play!

09-21-2006, 09:36 PM
The one good thing Holmes has done was when he leveled that Jaguar (not sure who) when he was sitting at the goal line waiting to down another punt inside the 5. Holmes just stepped out of the way of the ball and then nailed the guy before it hit! Was a great play!
That was probably the highlight of the year so far for Holmes! That was awesome!!

The ST punt coverage did move up in the rankings after their Monday night performance. They are now 29th and are giving up only 13.3 yards per return now. It's baby steps but after being dead last in the league and moving up 3 spots all I can do is stand up and :clap:

09-21-2006, 09:45 PM
Baby steps forward are better than the giant steps we took backward in week 1. I'll take them everytime too :yesnod:

House of Steel
09-21-2006, 10:01 PM
Maybe the Steelers are reading that book, Baby Steps by Dr. Leo Marvin :hilarious: