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12-15-2007, 11:39 PM
The Gospel...
by FC http://www.steelerfury.com/

We used to play for silver...Now we play for life

Most Steelers fans are still feeling the effects of the Patriots loss, The Patriots beat the Steelers with coaching and play calling. I believe the coaching staff failed the players. I understand Anthony Smith ran his mouth and then he was used like a 25 cent whore. I understand Aaron Smith blew up his bicep. I realize the skill position players on both sides of the ball failed to make plays…The players job is to make plays, the coaches job is to put players in positions to make plays. I don’t believe in taking positives out of a loss. The Jaguars and the Steelers are the walking wounded this week. The Steelers must put the Patriots game behind them. Offensively both teams want to pound the ball between the tackles setting up the play action pass. Defensively both teams want to choke off the run forcing the other to throw the ball. I believe the Steelers are far more talented on both sides of the ball.

Jaguars with the ball

Call me crazy I don’t fear David Garrard throwing the ball, Garrard’s ability to scramble for first downs on 3rd and 7 does concern me. The Jaguars offensive line and Wr’s are slightly above average; The Jaguars running backs are special. I believe weather will be a huge factor in this game…Jacksonville has played mistake free football for the most part this season…They have not played a single game in cold weather…The High on Sunday is 29 degrees with a chance of snow flurries.


Khalif Barnes and Kiesel/Harrison…Barnes was benched in the 3rd quarter of the Panthers game last week; he was replaced by 2nd year player Richard Collier. I would not be surprised if Collier got the start this week (I expect Collier to start). Barnes is an athletic left tackle in the Chris Samuels mold, Collier is a specimen…. He is a bigger version of Max Starks. This matchup is tricky....Barnes can’t block Kiesel in the run game…Collier can’t block Kiesel or Harrison in pass pro…I expect ugly weather and a heavy dose of the run game from the Jags this week. Kiesel has played great against the run for the most part this season…If the Steelers add another defensive end that can rotate into the game Kiesel’s numbers would explode. Collier is a beast in the run game. He destroyed the front 7 of the Panthers last week. Kiesel needs to get off the ball and he must get his hands inside…Collier is a fat bastard; he will be ready for oxygen come the second quarter…Kiesel MUST hold the point. The Jaguars better not expect to throw the ball much if they start Collier at tackle…Harrison will beat him to the edge all game. Like I said…Collier is very Starks like…Slow feet…Long arms…Awful balance.

Vince Manuwai…Manuwai is a quality run blocker at the second level. Manuwai will spend his entire day helping with Casey Hampton on runs to the left...The Jags will struggle to get movement on Casey Hampton even with the help of double teams…Hampton needs to drop about 35 pounds in the off season…Until he does he will continue to be the best “40 plays a game player”. I believe Kiesel and Manuwai will be a key matchup in pass pro…Manuwai can be beat back to the inside…Kiesel has a nice Rip back inside and surprising strength and explosiveness.

Brad Meester and Casey Hampton…Meester is traditionally owned by Hampton. Hampton is too squat explosive and nasty for Meester…Meester will need help on every interior run play. Hampton could be a force against play action passing especially if the Steelers call the correct run blitz’s where the guards must peel of Hampton to pick up Farrior or Foote…Hampton can walk Meester 7 yards into the backfield. Hampton must DOMINATE this matchup.

Maurice Williams…Williams is a big boy…He looks the part. Williams stands straight up off the snap of the ball giving away all leverage. Williams moves very well for a man his size. Williams will be forced to help Meester with Hampton on runs to the right…I doubt they get much movement on Hampton. Williams is streaky in pass pro…Kierschke and Eason could make some noise rushing the passer.

Tony Pashos and Travis Kierschke/Haggans…Pashos is a solid tackle…He doesn’t excel in the run game or pass pro…Pashos will win most matchups with Kierschke and Eason in the run game early…Pashos fades as the game goes on…I expect the Steelers to wave in Eason with the hope of dominating this matchup as the game goes on. Pashos has allowed 6 of his 8 sacks in the 2nd and 4th quarters. Pashos destroyed Haggans last year. I mean Pashos beat him down…Haggans needs to play much better this year.

Skill Positions… The Health of Townsend and McFadden could be huge this week. I don’t expect a lot of passing from the Jags; they do have four quality Wr’s. Dennis Northcutt has found a home in Jacksonville…I expect Ike Taylor to shut him down. Earnest Wilford is a big target with awful speed and streaky hands…I expect Townsend to hold his own…I would not be surprised if Townsend attempts to jump a route or two…Wilford has a bad habit of rounding patterns off. Reggie Williams has become a solid weapon for the Jags…Williams is a huge target with soft hands and the ability to make plays in the passing game vertically…If Bryant McFadden’s ankle is right he will handle any Jags Wr. Matt Jones is a Red Zone weapon…6-6, 40 inch vertical, speed to burn…He has a quarterback/ point guard mentality…He doesn’t like to get hit…He will drop easy catches if there is chance he will be lit up. One of the key matchups will be the Steelers outside linebackers in the run game. The Steelers must dominate the matchup against the Jags Te’s…No Smith is a huge loss…That beast Collier will get the best of Kiesel…Harrison and Haggans must dominate Lewis and Wrighster. Lewis is becoming more of a weapon in the Jags passing game…Lewis is a huge target…He likes to run big coming across the middle…Lewis will make some plays…If he attempts to run big across the Steelers defense…He won’t finish the game conscious. The Jags have the best running back duo in the NFL (Vikings fans could argue the point)…Fred Taylor has sweet feet, great cutting ability and unreal vision packed into a 235 pound body. Freddie doesn’t like the cold…Taylor’s ability to disappear in cold weather games is one of the reasons he never made a pro bowl. Moe Jones Drew is a little ball of dynamite…The key to stopping Jones Drew is simple…Don’t let him get started…Jones Drew has the ability to hide his five foot three body behind offensive linemen and get lost…Jones Drew is every bit as explosive as Willie Parker. David Garrard is the classic game manager. He won’t make mistakes…He will rely on his defense and running game to make most of the plays. Garrard’s arm strength and accuracy are nothing special. The Steelers must keep him in the pocket…They can not allow 3rd down scrambles for 1st downs.

Steelers with the ball…I hope the Steelers open the play book up and attack the Jags defense at all 3 levels. Run game, Ball Control passing game, and vertically…It won’t happen. The Steelers offense must score…And they must score touchdowns. Weather and field conditions will determine a majority of the play calling. The Steelers offensive line must operate as a cohesive unit and win matchups; the Receivers and backs must make plays, and all skill position players must protect the ball. Ben must lead this team…Ben must play like a top 5 Quarterback.


Marvel Smith and Paul Spicer…This is the key matchup. Spicer is just as big and strong as Smith. Spicer is a quality pass rusher. I expect a ton of stalemates. If either player dominates this matchup it would be huge for his team. Smith looked healthy and nimble against the Pats last week...If Smith brings his “A” game…He will handle Spicer.

Alan Faneca and Rob Meier…Faneca should dominate this matchup; He won’t. Meier is just the type of player who could give Faneca fits. I believe the Steelers should run the ball at the right side of the Jags defensive line…No pulling or cute ****…Big on Big blocking…I believe Faneca can dominate Meier in a phone booth type of matchup. Faneca is god awful in pass protection…Meier is a decent interior rusher…Meier will beat Faneca for a sack…Mark my words.

Sean Mahan…Your play is schizophrenic…Some games you’re decent…Some games you suck…Hopefully your decent personality shows up this week. Mahan will have to help Simmons with John Henderson…Henderson may rag doll both. If Mahan can get to the second level and block Jaguars linebackers the Steelers running game is going well. Mahan needs to keep his head on a swivel in pass pro…He is surrounded by bad (Faneca) and worse (Simmons).

Kendoll Simmons and John Henderson…Do you hear that? That’s Ben and Willie praying Henderson has back stiffness on the plane ride. Simmons sucks…Henderson is way over rated…He will kill Simmons.

Willie Colon and Bobby McCray…. The Jags defensive line is the walking wounded. At the time of my article this seemed like the best fit. Colon should have a favorable matchup no matter who the Jags line up out there. Colon is limited by his size. Hopefully Colon can get some movement in the run game and the Steelers can attempt to attack the Jags defense on the edge. Colon needs to step up in pass pro.

The Jags are missing 3 starters in their front 7…The Steelers offense must win the war of attrition.

Skill Positions…The Steelers skill position players must dominate blocking in the run game. Heath Miller and Matt Spaeth must take Justin Durant and Clint Ingram to the wood shed. The Jaguars safeties compliment each other perfectly; Sammy Knight is an extra linebacker in the run game…Knight is limited in coverage…What he gets his hands on he intercepts. Rookie Reggie Nelson is one helluva of a player. He has great range in coverage and he hits like a Mack truck…He is a Brian Dawkins clone. The Steelers should look to isolate a Receiver/TE on Knight with a vertical route. Daryl Smith is a very good strong side linebacker…He is way too undersized to play in the middle in the NFL. Steelers Killer Rashean Mathis will draw Hines Ward in coverage. I expect Ward to really take it to Mathis in the run game. Ward must run quality routes and fight back to the ball…Mathis will take chances in coverage. Brian Williams and Santonio Holmes could be interesting…If Holmes can run…There is no way Williams can run with him. If Holmes is healthy the Jags will be forced to drop Nelson 13 yards off the ball. Cedric Wilson continues to make plays for the Steelers…Nate Washington continues to disappoint. The Jags nickel and dime backs Starks and Glenn are both undersized. Starks struggles to locate the ball in the air and tackle…Glenn can’t run anymore…He can break on a pattern and break your heart. The Steelers skill position players must make a ton of plays. Willie Parker ran very well last week…He ran hard and protected the ball…He must do the same thing this week. Dookie must continue to run hard…He needs to become more of a weapon in the passing game. Ben must make his reads and deliver the ball accurately and on time. Protect the ball boys.

Special Teams

The Jaguars are very good…The Steelers suck. I would squib every kickoff. I would punt out of bounds. I would not allow Special teams to beat me. The Steelers return game sucks.


Steelers 24 :helmet:

Jags 17

12-15-2007, 11:45 PM
Sean Mahan…Your play is schizophrenic…Some games you’re decent…Some games you suck…Hopefully your decent personality shows up this week. Mahan will have to help Simmons with John Henderson…Henderson may rag doll both. If Mahan can get to the second level and block Jaguars linebackers the Steelers running game is going well. Mahan needs to keep his head on a swivel in pass pro…He is surrounded by bad (Faneca) and worse (Simmons).

Kendoll Simmons and John Henderson…Do you hear that? That’s Ben and Willie praying Henderson has back stiffness on the plane ride. Simmons sucks…Henderson is way over rated…He will kill Simmons.

This is the key right here, with Stroud out that means Grady Jackson will be in there a lot to stop the run. While Jackson isn't exactly a super stud DL he's still a mammoth and perfectly capable of simply standing his ground and clogging running lanes with Henderson. If our guys don't get a push, even a little one Willie is going to be doing his best impersonation of "run into the pile and fall down" which is not going to bode well for us.

Great write up Fury...top notch !

12-16-2007, 11:27 PM
I noticed Starks came in at LT today for Marvel at some point either late in the 3rd or early 4th quarter. I didn't see any injury at the time so unless Marvel re-aggravated his back he may have been yanked in favor of Starks. It's obvious he (marvel) was getting eaten alive by the pass rush as was Mahan, Simmons, and Co. so I wonder if Tomlin doesn't go with Starks the rest of the way to try and ignite some spark in the OL.