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12-04-2007, 05:13 PM
Just seen a report on the local news here that because of the injury to Najeh Davenport coming out of nowhere that the Steelers are going to workout Verron Haynes the next couple of days and possibly sign him by the end of the week. Haynes appears to be in great shape and over his knee injury and he could very much help the Steelers with another body in the backfield. Haynes is a very good blocker and plays a lot on 3rd down, and is also a fullback as well. He is also very good on special teams as well so maybe they can utilize him there as well if he was signed. Im all for the signing if it does indeed happen I think at this point with Davenport hurt and Kreider out for the year bringing in Haynes is a very good idea.

12-04-2007, 05:53 PM
Yeah, seen that read this chat transcript to see how Najeh possibly hurt his left foot, or how he got injured:banging: :

Ed Bouchette's Steelers chat transcript
Tuesday, December 04, 2007
Pittsburgh Post-Gazette
Ed Bouchette: Glad to be back here with you again, and has anyone seen Najeh Davenport and Bill Belichick in the same room together?
jim_in_kentucky: Okay, Ed, which Steelers D will show up against NE? Will it be the one that destroyed the Ravens or the one that made the Jets look like, well, the Pats? Because if the "good" D shows up, New England is beatable.
Ed Bouchette: Your question is pretty much the one everyone will ask all week. My only answer to it is that the Steelers always seem to play well against the good teams.
James_Taipei: Are the Steelers the team to put an end to the Pats talk of an undefeated season only to lose to the Pats again in the AFC championship game?
Ed Bouchette: Or, maybe vice versa? This game might be meaningless to the bottom line of who wins the Super Bowl. Even a win by the Steelers won't prevent the Pats from getting the top seed and it likely won't help the Steelers to get the No. 2 seed.
IsraelP: Ed, if that been the Steelers' secondary when Kyle Boller threw to Mark Clayton at the two yard line last night, would they have had the discipline to tackle him after the completion or would;d they have tried for an interception and risked a touchdown. I'm thinking Anthony Smith and Bryant McFadden, in particular.
Ed Bouchette: Boy, I had to sound like Bill Cowher but there sure are a lot of what-ifs there.
James_Taipei: How much would Roethlisberger leading the Steelers to two victories over the Patriots cost the Steelers when they try to extend his contract?
Ed Bouchette: Well, seeing that he's led them to only one victory against the Patriots (in 2004), do you mean if he beats them Sunday it makes two? Or if he beats them two this year?
hinestheman: Ed, I hope you'll make a good case for Hines Ward when he is eligible for the HOF. The man is probably the most complete football player to ever play and he does it with great humility. He has been my favorite player since Rod Woodson retired. Please tell me he'll get your vote.
Ed Bouchette: Of course he'll get my vote. Getting 80 percent of the other 39 will be the problem. The problem for Ward is he played for the right team in terms of how he plays, but the wrong team in terms of throwing the ball. Had he played when Swann and Stallworth played, he would have had a better chance. Today, the receiving numbers are so far out there that they inevitably will look at those and compare them with his peers.
hinestheman: Ed, no one gave the Ravens much of a chance to win and they nearly pulled it off. I also never bought into New England going undefeated. Do you think the Steelers stop them next week? I know it won't be easy but they have all of the ingredients. Great defense, great running game (hopefully it won't rain), very good passing... The X factor may be special team.... hopefully they can repeat last week's feat. Your thoughts?
Ed Bouchette: After that, I don't have any left.
Rev_Bill: What's up with Santonio Holmes, is he playing this week?
Ed Bouchette: It looks good for him, Polamalu and Marvel Smith, but we'll have to see how they respond physically in practice after missing the past 2 games.
jim_in_kentucky: Are Willie Parker's problems lately a product of bad offensive line play, or is his knee worse than we're being told? He certainly seems to have lost a step lately.
Ed Bouchette: Let's remember the fields he's played on the past two weeks, when he got over 80 yards in each game.
B2THEI: Ed, I've noticed that, when under center, Ben will take a step back with his left foot prior to the snap of the ball only on passing downs. Is there concern that he is tipping off the nature of the play to opposing defenses?
Ed Bouchette: I think that's why he had 3 incompletions in 21 attempts two games ago.
TheHoodieSpeaks: Do you think the Steelers Dynasty Teams were hated like today's Patriots and if not, what is the difference?
Ed Bouchette: Bill Belichick.
TheHoodieSpeaks: Any talk about what Madden said on the telecast about the arm wraps that Parker wears?
Ed Bouchette: Yes, Mike Tomlin pooh-poohed it, but I think Madden is correct.
Art_Vandelay: Najeh got hurt on an elliptical machine? They showed some video of Najeh running before the game and there was definitely a pronounced hitch in his giddy-up, so to speak, but do you buy that explanation?
Ed Bouchette: No.
BeatthePATS: Ed, caught the end of the press conference today and enjoyed your reminder that Parker has had a number of good games notwithstanding the fumbles last week. Parker is the key to the Stillers winning football game; not his total yardage (only fantasy folks care about that), but in the total number of positive yardage carries. Your thoughts on our need to run Willie often to win?
Ed Bouchette: There's many ways to skin a Patriot, but the best is to keep the ball away from Brady. Any way you do that is fine; the Steelers traditionally have done it by running.
Datruth4life: Ed, what's the deal with Davenport's mysterious foot injury and do you think Verron Hayes could be making another appearance on the roster before too long? I doubt if Tomlin would add another rookie running back to the roster during this crucial stretch. Your thoughts?
Ed Bouchette: I think if they believe Haynes is in good shape, they will consider signing him.
Datruth4life: Ed, this is how I see the offseason contract priorities for the Steelers: 1. Big Ben 2. B. McFadden 3. Max Starks 4. Clark Haggans. Do you agree and do you think the team will be able to keep all four?
Ed Bouchette: What, no Alan Faneca? I like your list. yes, they can keep them all.
Gairzo: E.B. Any insight on whether Tomlin plans to change defensive signals against the cheaters?
Ed Bouchette: Always, always change signals against the Patriots.
Tprod: Ed, The Steelers signed Mahan and Simmons to big contracts this past off-season, but ran almost exclusively behind Faneca and Starks who will both be gone at season's end. Did Colbert and company miss the boat?
Ed Bouchette: Perhaps.
TheHoodieSpeaks: Does Ben have a little of Roberto in him, he seems to always be in some kind of pain/injury ...
Ed Bouchette: Yeah, but he does not gyrate that neck when he approaches center quite the way Roberto did when he came to the plate.
BML79: Ed, Did the Ravens get jobbed by the refs last night or are the just fine whiners?
Ed Bouchette: Think Seattle Seahawks fans after Super Bowl XL.
Calfan: HI. Thanks for doing this Ed. Let me try this another way do you think Ben would consider pulling a Tom Brady" and say he will sign for less if the Steelers re-sign Alan Faneca?
Ed Bouchette: He could say it, but I don't think that will happen.
beardedcoach: Ed, I agree that in a sense this is game is meaningless. Any chance Tomlin's game plan will be to save the wrinkles for the playoffs and just play a straight-up game, win or lose?
Ed Bouchette: No, he does not seem to be the kind of coach to hold back.
SDS: As good as the Patriots' offense is, is it fair to say that their defense is no longer as fearsome as it has been? I feel that our offense can move on them.
Ed Bouchette: Their defense is pretty darn good.
Biff97: The announcers mentioned that Tomlin said there were "other issues" with Davenport. Any info on that?
Ed Bouchette: Not yet.
StillaYinzer: Any truth to the rumors about Najeh mixing it up Satuday night before the game with few folks who packed a bigger punch?
Ed Bouchette: I heard it was Friday.
belicheckisthedevil: Has there been any hints to how Davenport's injury occurred and what's his status on Sunday?
Ed Bouchette: There are hints and there are statements and so far the two do not mesh.
maconsteeler: Steelers record aside, How do you think Tomlin is doing in his first year?
Ed Bouchette: Why would we put the record aside? It's the single most important thing. He's doing a bang-up job.
Uncle_Rico: Any idea which officiating crew will work this weekend's game?
Ed Bouchette: The one from the Pitt-WVU game. Just kidding. No, and I make it a point never to check because it's all meaningless.
Tprod: Ed, If Vince Wolfork demolishes Mahan as Robertson did two weeks ago, any chance Simmons moves to center? Mahan has trouble against the big nose tackles and Wolfork looked impressive last night.
Ed Bouchette: I don't think that will happen during the season. It's something worth discussing after the season.
bdenny29: Ed, without Santonio, our passing game obviously lacking the downfield threat, but it does seem to be very effective in the short to intermediate range, where Hines reigns. If FWP can't achieve the same level of success as McGahee last night, can that short passing game be used somewhat as a substitute for the clock-draining element?
Ed Bouchette: Yes, it can be, if they're inclined to go in that direction.
BeatthePATS: Speaking of Faneca, is J. Madden now his agent? Madden made it seem like Faneca is the only O-linemen playing. Will he get 10% of the $15ish million Faneca gets this off-season (from someone)?
Ed Bouchette: I talked to a pro scout Sunday before the game and he told me he thought Faneca was having a great year.
StillaYinzer: Ed, do you think it's possible Willie Colon could be moved back to guard next year with Faneca leaving?
Ed Bouchette: Yes.
beardedcoach: Ed, can the Steelers secondary jam receivers at the line the way Philly and Balty have done the last 2 weeks? It isn't something I have seen the Steelers do much in games
Ed Bouchette: They normally do not do a lot of that, but I certainly would make it a point for new England's receivers.
sinmusic: Since the Ravens ran it down the Patsies throats and will probably work on correcting it, should the Steelers come out throwing 18 of the first 20 plays?
Ed Bouchette: no
jim_in_kentucky: I spent Monday night rooting for the Ravens. How long will it be until I feel clean again?
Ed Bouchette: Perhaps you now have MRSA.
DownthePats: Good Afternoon Ed, At the end of the game last night it looked like Rodney Harrison went out with a hamstring problem. Any word if he will play this week?
Ed Bouchette: No, but he did leave with that injury. Look for updates here.
TheHoodieSpeaks: Will Carson Palmer be the greatest quarterback of his era to never lead his team to greatness?
Ed Bouchette: No, that would be Eli Manning.
Datruth4life: Ed, do you agree with Foote that if you were a betting man, that you wouldn't bet against the Patriots hanging 40 or 50 on this defense?
Ed Bouchette: I don't think they'll score that many.
cgolden: Tomlin didn't have much to say about Najeh, do you have any idea how he injured his foot?
Ed Bouchette: Mike said he hurt it on the elliptical machine. Must have lifted the thing up and dropped it on his right foot.
Frank_from_PT: Ed, where did Verron Haynes land? In light of Davenport's injury, any chance they will look his way?
Ed Bouchette: I think it's possible.
Franco: What is the turf the Ravens use? It looked fantastic last night....
Ed Bouchette: It's called Sportaxe Momentum and I was told by someone in the league office that it's among the best fields in the league.
Google_TerrorStorm: Ed, With Parker losing the ball multiple times why wasn't Russell given a single carry?
Ed Bouchette: He was. He gained a yard.
TheHoodieSpeaks: How has The Hoodie treated you in past encounters?
Ed Bouchette: There have been no past encounters. I loathe him from afar.
Ed Bouchette: Thanks for another enlightening chat. I only wish I could do this for another 30 minutes but I have a nail appointment.


12-04-2007, 06:04 PM
Bring him back, I was sad to see him lease TBO!

12-04-2007, 08:42 PM
Haynes always was good in the 3rd down back role plus he can play FB too so it would make sense to sign him. We can't go on the rest of the way with only Willie as a viable RB in our offense.

12-04-2007, 08:50 PM
Haynes always was good in the 3rd down back role plus he can play FB too so it would make sense to sign him. We can't go on the rest of the way with only Willie as a viable RB in our offense.

Forget about Haynes! Give Gary Russell a chance. He ran much more effectively than Haynes in the preseason and EARNED a roster spot. It makes absolutely no sense whatsoever to bring back a player who was beat out by Russell to take the roster spot away from him and give it back to someone who ran less effectively. I only saw Russell get the rock once against the Bungels. There is a reason we kept Russell over Haynes, he ran better, has younger fresher legs and is playing for a lot less money. Let Haynes enjoy his retirement.


12-04-2007, 08:56 PM
I think what they are worried about is that Russel has no experience and in the stretch run we're heading into they want someone with experience. I agree I'd like to see Russel get a chance at some more playing time so he's just not sitting there taking up a roster spot. I guess if Najeh is only out for a short time they'd go with Russel but if he's going to be to be out the rest of the season then they might bring in Haynes for depth.

12-05-2007, 05:58 AM
The Steelers yesterday worked out running back Verron Haynes and were discussing last night whether to sign him to their 53-man roster.

Haynes was released by the Steelers after training camp. He was originally a fifth-round draft pick by the team in 2002 then re-signed with the Steelers in the offseason in '06.

"I haven't gotten the word yet," Haynes said from his hotel room. "I'm here waiting for the word. I'm hoping for the best. I would love to come in here. I'm excited for the opportunity, if everything works out."

The Steelers may be looking for someone to fill in for Najeh Davenport, who came down with a mysterious right foot injury near the end of last week.

Davenport, who serves as their third-down back and also backs up starter Willie Parker, did not dress for Sunday's game against Cincinnati. Tomlin said Davenport is questionable after injuring his foot while working out.

"He's been getting some extra work while trying to control his weight as the season wears on," Tomlin said. "To my knowledge, at this point, it might be a product of getting too much time on the elliptical cycle. Be careful as you get your workout in. The elliptical cycle will get you."

Tomlin said Davenport attended the funeral Monday for former University of Miami teammate Sean Taylor in South Florida and would have more tests performed on his foot when he returned yesterday to Pittsburgh.


12-05-2007, 06:59 AM
Haynes did some pretty good "mop up" running for us in th past. I also think he is pretty good in the 3rd down catch out of the back field plus blocking. Only thing I am worried about is can we call him Veron "dookie" Haynes?? I like yelling dookie at the tv 3 or 4 times each game dont know why just do:dunno:

12-05-2007, 07:23 AM
If Im Tomlin I think bringing back Haynes is a good idea the more I think about it because he's a veteran, he's been in the 3rd down back role before. He can play FB which makes sense now that Kreider is gone for the year and he'll come pretty cheap too.

12-05-2007, 08:00 AM
I think what they are worried about is that Russel has no experience and in the stretch run we're heading into they want someone with experience. I agree I'd like to see Russel get a chance at some more playing time so he's just not sitting there taking up a roster spot. I guess if Najeh is only out for a short time they'd go with Russel but if he's going to be to be out the rest of the season then they might bring in Haynes for depth.

Neither did the Peterson guy in Minnesota, Neither did Maroney last year. Rookies must be given the chance to show you what they got. If you don't give them that chance those same worries will still be there next year. The only part I might agree with is if Davenport is out for the year to bring in Haynes for depth. Otherwise I say give Russell a chance and lets see what he can do. Running the rock is not a complicated thing. Its as about instinctive a thing to do as it was for the caveman to run from the dinosaurs with big teeth. Franco Harris did some special things for the Steelers as a rookie. :tt02:

12-05-2007, 11:57 AM
I think the xfactor for Haynes is his experience at FB, so that may give him a leg up on Russel but either way I think Russel needs some touches to get experience as much as possible.

12-05-2007, 12:25 PM
I think the xfactor for Haynes is his experience at FB, so that may give him a leg up on Russel but either way I think Russel needs some touches to get experience as much as possible.:yesnod:I agree , Top, If we are not going to use Russel, why have him active:dunno:? I thought Haynes gave us some quality work. He can catch and block. And what about the Davis experiment?:scratch:
Hell, Let Harrison line up at FB!! :lol:

12-05-2007, 04:01 PM
i don't buy the experience thing at all. I am a huge haynes fan, and have been banging on that give him the chance he is the most "complete" back we've had for ages, ie run. block, catch, yada yada yada... but if he lost his place to someone else then why the hell aren't they playing that someone else?
Do you just think it's a financial reason they cut Haynes?

I was always for Parker / Haynes / Davenport / Kreider for our backfield and nothig has changed my mind.

K Train
12-05-2007, 04:03 PM
no thanks...no more bums

12-05-2007, 04:06 PM
Just seen that this is not going to happen

12-06-2007, 06:34 AM
Davenport able to play

The Steelers decided to pass on signing Verron Haynes after they determined that halfback Najeh Davenport was healthy enough to play against New England.

Davenport's right foot swelled after he had acupuncture treatment on it away from the Steelers' facility and not supervised by their medical staff. He had injured his foot while working out on an elliptical machine late last week.

He did not dress Sunday because of the swelling, then he traveled Monday to Miami for the funeral of his former college teammate, Sean Taylor.

The Steelers worked out Haynes, their former back who they released before the season. They wanted to have someone ready in case the swelling in Davenport's right foot jeopardized his availability for their game against New England.

Once they examined Davenport late Monday, they decided not to sign Haynes.

This is good news, I was worried only having Willie as a RB with experience on the squad.

12-06-2007, 08:24 PM
Veron Haynes was a good 3rd down back but if we re-signed him then why do we have Naje Davenport. Even though in the past couple games Naje has has trouble getting the first down on third down.