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12-02-2007, 04:36 PM
I want to address something that I feel needs to be addressed. As I sit in my little Iraqi tin can and watch pre-game on FOX and CBS, I was a little bothered by something. As we all know on Monday, a tragic story came out of Miami about Washington Redskins Safety Sean Taylor. So as I watch FOX pre-game they started off with a nice tribute to Sean and showed this weeks events. Now when I flipped the channel to CBS pre-game they were already talking football. At first I was puzzled then I thougt well maybe they showed it and I missed it or maybe being in Iraq there was some sort of connection problem. Boy was I wrong. As I watched CBS, right before they went to commercial break they then talked how later in the broadcast they were going to talk about it. I think this showed lack of respect, proffesionalism, and was tasteless on CBS's part. Now I know FOX represents the NFC and CBS represents the AFC but I feel this was a subject that should have been covered. I think every broadcast local and nation wide should talk about it before any football. This was a tragic event to a very young man who was turning is life around, starting a family, just being a man. I hope that it was the fact that I am in Iraq and I missed the coverage. I hope that I am wrong in writing this. I hope that someone out there can make me look real stupid right now because if not, then CBS went down hill in my book and they are the ones that look stupid.

12-02-2007, 05:47 PM
You're OK, calm down and keep your head down. It was a short intro saying how it was sad and then they said that they'd talk about it later. HooRaa