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10-23-2007, 03:08 AM

I have been to the burgh many times in my life I had a Aunt who live in Monroeville a Swickley, and I dated a girl when I was older for a year, and I have a friend at allagany General , But I comming back to see the Steelers and the raven's on Monday Night.

I will be there sunday afternoon, I want to know where I can have a good time So I have just enough time to work off the hangover and go to the Warhol Musuem and get into a tailgate.

I know there the southside Grant street, Blu lou's and fathead' I can't remember the place I still have my shot glass Dick 'n' cider, I love to get another one, is that place still around, or do any of you have one or know where I can get one. Also the was this place in the strip where it was really 2 bars a nightclub playing dance music or a goth bar but on the other side they had this band Played the gap band and funk music.

So what I'm asking are those places around still and they happening on Sunday night if not where can I go to light it up. and I love to be apart of a real steeler tailgate, any invites I will bring the patron, And I love my IC it's a burgh thing , thats still in me. Plus it's my B-day , and I have not been to a steelers game since I was at the Super bowl and the last home game what the Chuck Noll retirement game.

So I ready I got my signed Bettis jersey ( I sat next to him at the pistons game super bowl week and I got my 75th annversary MalyTime jersey.

Looking forward to hearing back.

Malytime in Detroit Hometown of the Bus.:helmet:

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:hiya: :welcome:

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Welcome to SA!

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Welcome to SA! Enjoy!!!! :tt02:

As far as tailgates go, look in the tailgating section of this forum the week before your game day. Stlrs4life will post about hisand opens it to members here. It's a fun time.

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welcome to SA!!!

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Here is the forum FCG is talking about: SA Tailgates (http://www.steeleraddicts.com/forum/forumdisplay.php?f=57)

Enjoy and post up! :bigthumb: Any questions be sure to let us know...

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:greetings: Post up and have fun !

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