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10-21-2007, 11:15 AM
Pray for Ron Springs
A story of friendship

by Deb

It's the only request his family has right now. Since 1990 Ron has had type
2 diabetes. At the time he had his right foot and two toes from his left foot amputated. In 2004 he needed a kidney. His son Shawn offered to end his career and give his dad the kidney. Ron refused to take it. Two years later they found a match in former teammate Everson Walls.


On Tuesday Oct 16th he went to the hospital to have a routine cyst removed and slipped into a coma he has no chance of recovering from.
He is on a respirator and has no brain activity.

There are lots of things about Ron Springs people don't know. He played high school ball with Lawrence Taylor. He played two years in Tampa Bay. He actually has a passing TD with the boys. Walls and Springs actually met in 1981 when Walls was a free agent cornerback from Grambling, and Springs, the ex Buckeye and vet helped Walls adapt to the NFL.

http://media.ledger-enquirer.com/smedia/2007/10/16/17/Ron_Springs_Hospitalized.sff.highlight.prod_affili ate.70.jpg

The two now have a foundation "Gift of Life" to raise for diabetes awareness. They served as honorary cowboys captains to dispel organ donor myths. Their 20 year friendship has got to be the blessing of God....the things they have accomplished off the field....and on. When we live in a world of misunderstandings, friendships broken over things that don't matter everyday of our lives.......their friendship has survived things most of us can't fathom. I think it's shame Ron never made the Ring of Honor. He may never have had the career of an Emmitt. Or a Troy.Or a Roger. But honor he had. Honor in choosing death over his son Shawn's career. Wanting more for your kids. Maybe thats the best kind of honor. Maybe it's God's will his honor lives on through Everson Walls. Or in the people who knew him. I am still hoping one day though to see his name suspended with the rest though.


It all comes down to love. A son for his father....a friend for a friend....his family's request for prayers, and the love people have for the man....Ron Springs. In a sport filled with monster contracts, drug abuse, tv ratings, the Mike Vicks of the world...

Pray for Ron. Especially us cowboys fans during this dream season.


black an gold 4 life
10-21-2007, 02:46 PM
sad sad sad story i remember when ron played 4 the cowboys, although i don't like the cowboys it's an sad day when former or current players goes through these type of tough times, we have 2 remember that were not promise 2morrow,we all should enjoy each day 2 it's fullest.