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10-19-2007, 08:43 PM
Got lucky & caught him on sirius thursday,missed 1st section of interview
had to reach behind seat get recorder & change batteries while driving :haha:

He was on the Afternoon Blitz with Solomon wilcots & adam schien,,,,,,

Adam: When your blocking for fast willie,what mkes him so good,,,,,,

Faneca: Hits the hole hard and 'uh always running downhill & has excellent vision,,,,,,Never halfway hits the hole & tries to get every yard possible !

Adam: Gotta imagine you guys are licking your chops a bit,going up against the broncos lack luster run defense,,,,,,,

Faneca: I think 'uh alot of the big numbers they've been giving up
has been from kinda bigger lines,,,,"uh" I think we expect there best and
'uh'uh'uh' :haha: "that's alot of uh's" :haha:

Wilcots: You think they're missing al wilson,,,,,,,,

Faneca: I think they do,he was kinda that leader and getting everyone in position,where 'uh I'd have to say they probably do miss him

Adam: Can you tell the difference between night & day of Big Ben
and his health of last year,,,,,,,

Faneca: Most definetly,last year was 'uh rough on him from the wreck & surgery and this season he's focused from not dealing with all the side issues,,,,,,,,,

Wilcots: How much of a difference has bruce made in letting big ben audible at the line & hows he adapted to the play calling,,,,,

Faneca: I think it's really made ben more comfortable and even when he's not making changes at the line he's benn more comfortable in this offense
and he's seems really focused,,,,,,,

Adam: Alan you were a bill cowher guy & why not when you look at your personality and skill set,you also were a kenny & grimm kinda guy and
take us through the learning process of adapting to your new coaches,,,,

Faneca: well they were so many of us guys that's been in that same mindset & system for so long ,,,,,,This change was alot more layed back & it felt like being a rookie again having to learn a whole new system & playbook
and 'um there biggest thing was keeping us focused on what we have to accomplish,,,,

Adam: What an off-season,seems like we were screaming into a microphone everyday "pay alan faneca" what's going on withthat situation

Faneca: 'um this is not mentioned or discussed during the season
It's something the organization handles and it's probably the right thing to do,
It's all about winning,,,,,

Wilcots: I look at you guys as being up there with Indy & new england
do you guys look at yourselves the sameway,,,,,,,,

Faneca: Kinda do, but we really don't talk about it,we realize what we went through last year,that keeps us focused to the task at hand and 4-1
record is only part of what we wnat to accomplish,,,,,

Adam: Did you feel that loss to the cardinals was there superbowl,,,,

Faneca: Icould feel that,the guys 'uh were amped up and do what they can for there coaches,they knew the situation that happened in pittsburgh,,,,,,,

Wilcots: Explain what your relationship with russ grimm has done for your career,,,,,,

Faneca: Oh man, to have a guy like that he was on me everyday to make me better & better,he knew the in's and out's of my position and he was just a great guy,,,,,,,,

Adam: Any thought process that this could be your last year in pittsburgh,,,,,,,

Faneca: I think 'uh i've been keeping that on the back burner and
that's the way I approach it and it is what it is and 'uh i'll just move on from there,,,,,,,,,

Well it sounds like alan will not be back with us next year,,,,,,,,
Gonna miss Big Red,,,,,,,,But who knows he may change his mind :crossfingers:

10-19-2007, 10:42 PM
Gotta respect Alans attitude during all of this. At least he is keeping the team attitude.

10-20-2007, 08:50 AM
thanks for taking the time to post :bigthumb:

10-20-2007, 09:28 AM
I love these Sirius chats... "uh" "uh" "uh" :lol:

The dude is still a leader on this team and pulling his own trying to make the OL better. You never know what might happen after this year so we'll see.

10-23-2007, 07:12 AM
He has been playing solid ball, which after all he is that is going on, he is being a true teamplayer