10-16-2007, 12:47 PM

With Adrian Peterson putting the NFL on notice that, if he can stay healthy, he will be the next dominant NFL running back, a common question making the rounds in league circles is whether Peterson should have been the No. 1 overall pick in the draft.

The Raiders held that selection, and on the surface didn't need to add Peterson, since they have LaMont Jordan, Dominic Rhodes, and Justin Fargas.

But that argument only goes so far, since the Vikings had Chester Taylor, Mewelde Moore, and Ciatrick Fason, yet pounced on the chance to pick Peterson.

Though no NFL team is ever going to admit to having regrets about draft-day decisions, the folks in silver and black surely have been pondering what might have been if they had brought into L.T.'s division a guy who might be even better than him.

And what about the Lions at No. 2? Calvin Johnson was/is a can't-miss prospect at receiver, but the impact of an equally skilled Peterson, who can touch the ball 20-plus times per game, is undeniable.

The Browns at No. 3? They got their left tackle of the next decade, but they could have had their next Jim Brown.

The Bucs at No. 4? They didn't need A.P. in April, but they sure could use him now.

The Cards at No. 5? Yeah, they signed Edgerrin James in 2006. The day after the Vikes signed Chester Taylor.

The Redskins at No. 6? Okay, we'll give them a pass since they have Clinton Portis and Ladell Betts.

And what about the teams drafting after the Vikes at No. 7? The Texans, who regularly are criticized for taking Mario Williams instead of Reggie Bush or Vince Young a year ago, clearly should have made the move to land the Palestine, Texas native.

With all that said, there were legitimate concerns about Peterson's durability prior to the draft. And there still are. The Vikings, to date, have been fortunate. But there's no guarantee that, if the Raiders had dumped $32 million guaranteed into Peterson's pockets, he would have made it through a full season.

That continues to be the problem with taking running backs at the top of round one. The financial investment for a player who is, at any time, one play a away from becoming "just a guy" is too great.

Still, when that player is lighting up the league, it's hard for other teams that had their shot not to think about what might have been.

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black an gold 4 life
10-16-2007, 12:55 PM
nice article, but A.P is showing that he was definetly a top ten pick i'm just glad he's n the nfc LOL