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Pittsburgh Steelers: Will Emmanuel Sanders’ Exit End the Curse of the No. 88?

Now that Emmanuel Sanders is gone, the Pittsburgh Steelers must retire the No. 88. Not because Sanders deserves the honor, but rather because that uniform number is cursed. Those digits seem to weave their way into Steelers misfortune whenever they get together. Isn’t it fitting that Sanders signed with the Denver Broncos, of all teams, …

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Steelers to unleash the bumble bee uniforms twice this season

1934 throw back Steelers uniforms for 2012

Are you tired of the throwback uniforms the Steelers wore up through the 2011 season? Weren’t you wishing they would sport something like the Denver Broncos or Philadelphia Eagles were wearing? Oh common, admit it you know you loved them. Well ok, “love” might be overstating it just a bit but the Steelers retired their …

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