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Bradshaw unfortunately correct about direction of football

Former Pittsburgh Steelers quarterback Terry Bradshaw made another one of his routine appearances on the ‘Jay Leno Show’ earlier this week and while his appearances usually come in the way of his folksy humor, the topic suddenly got serious. Leno asked Bradshaw about the concussion issue and without really being prompted, Bradshaw said, “If I …

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Subjectivity of ‘Player Safety’ will be downfall of Goodell

This is Part Two in my look at the State of the NFL following the death of Junior Seau and the repercussions from ‘BountyGate.’  In Part One, I addressed the fact that players, owners and Commissioner Roger Goodell must come together to do something for players who leave the game for good. Whether it be …

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The State of the NFL; Who helps when the cheering stops?

This is Part One of my article on where the NFL is headed following the death of Junior Seau and the fallout from ‘BountyGate.’  The death of Junior Seau is sad and disturbing on many levels and perhaps maybe in the end, it will cast a more specific light on what the former players of …

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Saints punishment makes SpyGate discipline even more laughable

The Commissioner of the National Football League once again has his fingerprints all over another mess in his never-ending efforts to ‘protect the shield.’ Earlier today, Roger Goodell, through the media of course, announced the penalties for the New Orleans Saints, their coaches and former coaches for their roles in ‘BountyGate.’ If you’ve been on …

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Clark reaffirms notion of watch what you tweet

Each and every one of us has been in the unenviable position of having stuck our foot in our respective mouths before. If you haven’t, then you’re perfect and can stop reading. Unfortunately for some, there is a bigger spotlight which shines directly onto their mouths and makes everything they utter larger then it probably …

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Commissioner Goodell’s letter to the fans of the NFL

Posted up on today is a letter written by the NFL’s Commissioner, Roger Goodell, to the fans of the league.  The letter reflects back on the 2011 season and what lies ahead for the NFL in 2012 and beyond. His comments include reference to one of the NFL’s newest ventures, which was debuted …

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Steelers Tight End Weslye Saunders to be suspended for 4 games


The news broke this morning that Steelers rookie Tight End Weslye Saunders will be suspended for 4 games in the 2012 season. It’s not yet known the full reasoning behind the suspension but it could be related to the NFL’s substance abuse policy. Saunders was an undrafted free agent picked up by the Steelers before …

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NFL To Debut First-Ever Super Bowl Ad For Player Safety

  Whether or not your team is in the Super Bowl, one of the big reasons we all watch the big game is because of the commercials.  It’s ok, you can admit it, even when the Steelers are playing for another Lombardi those commercials add a bit of comedy to a stressful situation. The NFL …

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AFC-NFC Pro Bowl Rules

  The rules that the NFL has set when it comes to the Pro Bowl are different than games played during the pre season, regular season, and post season. The point of watching the Pro Bowl is not to see great football being played. It’s to watch the “best of the best” all on the …

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From the nosebleed seats – Take on the game from a fan who was there

The following was submitted by one of SA’s members, Three Four, and his experience at the Steelers vs Broncos Wildcard Game. The Steelers put up a valiant performance despite injuries to key players. From the bleachers, we weren’t getting the injury reports. No Alex Flanagan. We didn’t realize how bad the situation was. It was …

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