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Pittsburgh Steelers’ Very Best Ever…NFL Record

Being the fifth oldest franchise in the sport, with their 81st season upon us this year, I would like to look at what is the best NFL record the Steelers hold. So, let’s start with a look at some of the records the Steelers currently hold.

Steelers’ Ryan Clark takes proactive stance on replacement officials

Ryan Clark - Photo courtesy of Atlanta Black Star

The 2012 NFL season will forever be known as the year of the replacement officials. It doesn’t matter how many games the Steelers win or anybody else; whoever wins the Super Bowl will have an asterisk by their title in the minds of the fans. Now if the Steelers were to win it we certainly …

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Mike Tomlin talks about defending the no-huddle offense

Let me start this out by saying that I am in no way insinuating anything negative about Mike Tomlin. As a Steeler fan I have the utmost respect for him and what he’s been able to accomplish so far in his young head coaching career. His drafts have been solid and there is a ton …

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New Steelers Encyclopedia, a must have for the Steeler Nation

Steelers Encyclopedia

We are excited to help our good friend Chuck Finder promote his newly released, no doubt soon to be best selling book, The Steelers Encyclopdedia. Chuck is not only an author but he also covers the Steelers for CBS Sports Rapid Reports, and is the man behind the @CBSSportsNFLPIT Twitter account. His updates help keep …

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Steelers fan view: Has the growing emphasis on player safety tainted or enriched professional sports?

One of the members here on SteelerAddicts, also on staff, recently wrote a paper for her college professor on a subject close to heart and to the hearts of not only Pittsburgh Steelers fans, but NFL fans across the country. Eve Kronzek graciously gave us permission to use her paper as an article for blog; …

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Blitzburgh Radio Podcast with Steelers insider Jim Wexell

We are both excited and honored to have the great Jim Wexell join us on the show. Jim is fresh off the 2012 NFL Scouting Combine and shares with us his insight on some of the players he talked too, how the combine works for the media, potential Steelers prospects, Mike Wallace, the offseason and …

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Football 101: NFL Scouting Combine

The annual NFL Scouting Combine is the best way for teams to gauge the prospects on their list for the upcoming draft. It’s usually a week long event, this year running from Feb. 22-28. Since the combine is by invitation only, and also since some players choose not to participate or only do so in …

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AFC-NFC Pro Bowl Rules

  The rules that the NFL has set when it comes to the Pro Bowl are different than games played during the pre season, regular season, and post season. The point of watching the Pro Bowl is not to see great football being played. It’s to watch the “best of the best” all on the …

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Football 101: What are Reserve/Futures contracts in the NFL?

We’re starting a new series here on SteelerAddicts called Football 101. Cool name right?  Anyways, for the avid football fan,  things that we’ll cover in this series may be a bit of “old hat”. However for those that aren’t as rabid as others, and even those who maybe are but don’t know everything there is …

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