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Name: Todd Pataky
Date registered: January 16, 2013

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Things That Need to Change in the NFL

As yet another season of exciting NFL action bears down on us, (and the drive for ring number seven begins anew for our beloved Pittsburgh Steelers), I thought I would take a minute and touch on a few things not to like about the NFL. Not to reduce our fervor and love for the game, …

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Pittsburgh Steelers’ Very Best Ever…NFL Record

Being the fifth oldest franchise in the sport, with their 81st season upon us this year, I would like to look at what is the best NFL record the Steelers hold. So, let’s start with a look at some of the records the Steelers currently hold.

The Pittsburgh Steelers’ very best ever…

Well, my fellow Citizens of the One and Only Nation, I have come up with this idea and I hope you like it. I’m going look at some part of our beloved franchise and evaluate the best of that item. I invite you to debate, discuss, and argue over my selections. I’m no expert. These …

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2012 Grades, Position by Position, Special Teams

Special teams is the middle child of the football world. No, that’s not right. It’s the red-headed step-child. No one shows special teams any respect, and yet when a game is on the line, it is often the kicker who is relied upon to come up with the game-winning field goal. It is often the …

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2012 Grades, Position by Position, Defense

When it’s all said and done, exactly how well did the defense play this last season? How well did DC Dick Le Beau and his staff handle the ups and downs, the pressure of stopping NFL offenses. The strict statistician in me wants to point to the numbers and say, “They did just fine.” But, …

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2012 Grades, Position by Position, Defensive Secondary

In the recent past, the secondary was the weak link of the Steelers’ defense. It was widely known that while teams may not have been able to run the ball on Pittsburgh, you could have success throwing it. That has changed in more recent years, and 2012 was no exception.

2012 Grades, Position by Position, Linebackers

For the Steelers’ defense, the rubber has always met the road with the play of the linebackers. There is a great, grand tradition of linebacker play in the Steel City, dating back to Jack Lambert and Jack Ham; through Levon Kirkland, Greg Lloyd, and Kevin Greene; to Joey Porter and James Harrison. Linebacker play has …

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2012 Grades, Position by Position, Defensive Line

So, now we’ve come to the side of the ball where the Steelers’ bread is buttered. For years, the Steelers’ defense has instilled fear and respect in opponents. From the days of the Steel Curtain, through the years of Blitz-burgh and the Zone Blitz, to this latest incantation, defense has been the hallmark of Pittsburgh …

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2012 Grades, Position by Position, Offense

In deference to the reader who commented on one of my articles, pointing out that I had not considered the offensive scheme, injuries, and play-calling while writing about the play of the wide receivers and tight ends, here you go. This article is going to grade the entire offense as a unit.

Ravens Super Bowl Win Bad for Nation, Great for Steelers

Having had a chance to digest what I admit was a very entertaining and bizarre Super Bowl, here is what I think: Let’s just get this out of the way up front. No self-respecting, card-carrying Citizen of the original sports nation can say they are happy with how this Super Bowl played out.

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