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Name: Michael Cohen
Date registered: October 10, 2012

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  4. Data Indicates Steelers-Cowboys Game as a Tossup — December 16, 2012
  5. Week 14 Could Be a Good Week For Steelers Playoffs Chances — December 9, 2012

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Steelers Vs. Bengals: Probabilities and Fantasy Analysis

After the Steelers put up a dud at home against the Titans, it’s no shocker that most are predicting the Bengals will win at home tonight. At Sports Tradex, market participants in their free prediction market are predicting the Bengals have a 75% chance to win.   While the Steelers looked bad in their opening …

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Free Fantasy Contest for SA Readers: $1000 in Prizes!

One of our partner websites,, is having a $1000 freeroll on Sunday for the Super Bowl. is a new fantasy sports websites where people can trade pre-set fantasy teams to predict which one will score the most points. For example, if you are diehard Ravens-hater, you would predict the fantasy team with a …

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Steelers Favored To Win On Sunday

After the Charlie Batch led victory over the Ravens at Baltimore, the Steelers were looking like they were playoff-bound. However, after a disappointing last couple of weeks, the Steelers face a must-win game against the Bengals at home tomorrow. According to the prediction market, the Steelers have a 55% chance to beat the Bengals. …

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Data Indicates Steelers-Cowboys Game as a Tossup

Data from indicates that today’s game is a virtual tossup. The market is showing the Cowboys have a 54% chance of winning. The Steelers have gone from a small favorite in the game to a small underdog on news that Dez Bryant will play. With the Bengals win on Thursday (which was expected), the …

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Week 14 Could Be a Good Week For Steelers Playoffs Chances

Yes, I realize writing this title very well may jinx it, but sometimes you have to look the jinx gods in their face and flat-out say it. This week could set the Steelers up well for the wildcard and could even possibly throw the division in to the mix.

Prediction Markets Indicate Steelers As Significant Underdog Against Ravens

With Big Ben’s injury, the game on the road, and Baltimore performing well lately, there is not too much confidence in prediction markets that the Steelers can produce an upset. The prediction market is currently indicating that the Steelers have a 27% chance of winning the game on Sunday. The market had the Steelers …

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Are the Pittsburgh Steelers Done?

By: Robert White Yesterday was one of those days that, at around 4:15, you looked around and recognized that you’d just lost 3 hours of your life that you’d never get back watching a train derail in a most ugly fashion.  The Pittsburgh Steelers went into Cleveland, turned the ball over 8 times, committed 11 …

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With Charlie Batch at Helm, Steelers Should Still Win

While the Steelers offense certainly will miss Roethlisberger, the Steelers defense as well as a solid run game and a “good enough” passing game should propel them to victory. Oddsmakers currently have the Steelers to have about a 54% chance to win this game. At Sports Tradex, which is a free prediction marketplace that awards …

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Handicapper’s Analysis of Steelers-Browns Matchup

Cliff Notes: Game will be close, but Steelers likely to prevail due to making less mistakes.

Pittsburgh Steelers Welcome New Faces and Starters to the Practice Field

By: Dan Benton (Sports Media 101) The Pittsburgh Steelers have received some bad news in recent weeks and are definitely a team that could use a change in that department. Wednesday, the team may have finally got some as rookie first round selection guard David DeCastro returned to the practice field.Yes, the rookie missed 10-games …

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