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5 of the Most Disappointing Players So Far This Season for the Steelers

The Pittsburgh Steelers are not having a terrible season to this point in 2014 even with the embarrassing loss to the Tampa Bay Buccaneers. Going into the second quarter of the season, it’s now time for the Steelers to either improve or carve out another 8-8 campaign. There have been a myriad of reasons for the inconsistency of this particular Steelers team. Here are five players, or groups of players, who have had the most disappointing first quarter of the 2014 season.

Cortez Allen

It seems like forever ago that Cortez Allen seemed to breakout for a few game stretch to end his second season. It looked like the Steelers had finally found the heir apparent to Ike Taylor as their number one corner for the future. Fast forward to 2014 and Allen is more known for being flagged and being burned by opposing receivers. Forget that Allen has the Steelers only interception on the year. That was a gift given to him by Mike Evans getting hurt mid-route and the only good think he did on the play was actually catch it. Cortez is still a young player in his fourth season but the problem is the team has already paid him. So either Allen develops or at least starts playing like we all saw him play earlier in his career, or the team has a marginal corner locked into a contract.

Cam Thomas/Mike Mitchell/Lance Moore

When was the last time the Steelers actually spent money on free agents? The more important question is will they ever again after potentially missing on so many in one shot. The only free agent I really see as an asset at this point is LaGarrette Blount. Cam Thomas seems to be the easiest 300 pound man to move I’ve ever seen. He might as well lay down on the line of scrimmage because at least he’d get in the offenses way. Mike Mitchell has done nothing but try and hit anything and everything hard. Once he learns that you have to actually cover and play defense the team might have a good safety. Lance Moore was a sneaky pick up by the Steelers as an experienced, savvy veteran receiver. Then Moore got hurt, got better, and never sees the field. Maybe Tomlin is trying to get other teams to forget Moore is on the roster so he can break him out later in the season?

Will Johnson/Matt Spaeth

Here are two guys who I am more personally disappointed in probably than anyone else. Not in the players themselves but in how they are being used. I’m actually not the biggest Matt Spaeth fan but even I know he could be an asset in the red zone as a receiver. Will Johnson by all accounts is a great athlete and an improving player and yet he also never sees the field. If the answer is that Haley’s offense just doesn’t use a fullback then why is he even wasting space on the roster? I like Johnson and I think he could become a weapon on offense if used correctly though I just don’t see that happening any time soon.

Justin Brown

The hard part about putting a list like this together is I truly like most of these players. I have been trumpeting Justin Brown the whole offseason and the beginning of this season and he has largely let me down. He has great potential and he has been given a huge opportunity through the first quarter of the season. As mentioned above, Lance Moore has yet to see the field much and Brown’s presence has as much to do with that than anything. Speculation is that Brown’s ability to block is what has him locked into that third receiver role. The one thing all of us fans would love to see him do more is actually catch the football. Brown has had a problem holding on to the football and there’s no quicker way to get every fan against you than for dropping passes.

Jason Worilds/Jarvis Jones

The situation at outside linebacker was probably my biggest concern going into the season because of the lack of experience and depth. I was never as enamored with Jason Worilds’ as others and Jarvis Jones obviously needed to improve off of his rookie season. Well through four games, Jones is out for a while and the pass rush is almost non-existent as usual. To make matters worse it seems like Worilds has regressed big time in the run game. The Steelers were so concerned that they coaxed James Harrison out of retirement to help get to the quarterback. The team has a very weak secondary and the only way to hide that is to get pressure on the quarterback. That’s how you don’t allow the Buccaneers to put a game winning drive together with only 40 seconds left.

Here’s hoping the Steelers come out and start the next quarter of the season off right against the Jacksonville Jaguars.

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