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Can The Pittsburgh Steelers Rely On Only Three Running Backs?

The Pittsburgh Steelers have been in camp for about one week now as we inch closer and closer to the regular season. There are position battles up and down the roster and it’s time for players to either step up or not have a job. One of the more interesting positions to watch in camp will be the running back position.

There has been pretty much a consensus among Steelers’ fans that the team will probably only carry three running backs plus Will Johnson in the regular season. Personally, I think there more than just a strong chance that they will keep an extra running back in case of injury.

Already in camp Le’Veon Bell, LeGarrette Blount and Dri Archer have missed time due to injury. Bell was also injured last season and Blount’s physical style of play lends itself to more injuries. Archer is kind of a wildcard for the Steelers. He’s technically the third running back but he’ll be used at receiver and as a returner. Archer can potentially be an explosive piece to the Steelers’ offense however, he’s also on the smaller side. If Bell and Blount go down, would we really trust Archer to be able to take on the load of a full time running back?

The problem is the Steelers don’t have any proven running backs in camp right now. The one guy I thought would stick as the fourth guy was Alvester Alexander and he has already been waived/injured by the team. This is a huge opportunity for guys like Jordan Hall, Josh Harris, Miguel Maysonet and Tauren Poole.

Can any of these guys show enough to warrant a roster spot? Or will the Steelers be forced to bring in a veteran sometime in camp?

How about everyone just stay healthy and we don’t have to worry about it?

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