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Injured Linebacker Larry Foote A Little Peeved At Steelers’ Fans

The Pittsburgh Steelers lost two starting players for the season in the opening loss to the Tennessee Titans and one of those players was linebacker Larry Foote. It was sad to see Foote go down like that considering it is not a guarantee that he is brought back next year. I for one am hoping the team brings him back to bring his leadership and mentoring to the young linebackers on the team. According to an article by Scott Brown of, Foote was very surprised that it looked like Lions fans outnumbered Steelers fans during the home win versus the Lions this past week.

Honestly, I was a little shocked myself when I read the article and it said that “a noticeable number of fans left at halftime because of a steady rain and the barrage of scoring that the Lions unleashed in the second quarter”.

I completely understand when fans boo a team when they are playing like garbage. Booing your team for being continuously inept, like the Steelers’ offense has looked at times, does not make you less of a fan in my opinion. Now, as a made up example, if you score on three straight drives and then fans boo when you get picked off on the fourth drive I would have a problem. It’s all about who you’re booing at and what the situation is in my opinion.

What I don’t understand is actually leaving the game because of one terrible quarter of play. I never leave a game I attend till it’s over but I understand people who leave early to avoid traffic. I also understand that the weather was not great this past week and probably, greatly attributed to the amount of people leaving.

My problem was not with the fans in this article though, it was with Larry Foote for a comment he makes right at the end. Foote apparently is displeased with fans who may have sold their tickets to Lions’ fans.

Foote states in the article, “Don’t sell your tickets…give them away (to Steelers fans)”.

I understand his sentiment but how do you look down upon people for selling their tickets. Maybe you can ask that they sell them to other Steelers’ fans. It just sounded funny to me to see a guy who makes millions of dollars pleading with people who make a fraction of that to not sell their tickets. Not only don’t sell your tickets he says to actually give them away instead.

I’m pretty sure those fans paid for those tickets and can do with them whatever they want. In my opinion they should just go to the game but if people have made the decision that they don’t want t or they can’t, why not make back some of the money you put out?

Times are rough and Steelers’ fans are the best in football. I wouldn’t hold one rain soaked game against them.

At least I wouldn’t be telling people to give away their tickets for free when I make the type of money the players do.

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  1. bob graff

    Well Pittsburgh is just now starting to become like all other NFL stadium crowds. These aren’t the hard nose steel workers of yesterday who bled black and gold . These guys come to the game 10 minutes late, talk on the cell phone the entire game and leave when it’s convenient. It’s very sad for us who use to go to every game and it was an event that started at around 10:30 and didn’t end till we were singing Steeler songs on the way home. It is very sad to see this era come to an end.

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