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Todd Haley Needs To Do His Job Against The Cincinnati Bengals

The Tennessee Titans may not be the worst defensive team in the NFL yet against the Steelers in week one, they were made to look like the best. After losing Maurkice Pouncey, the Steelers offense went completely stagnant. Losing an all-pro center should hurt an offense but there is no reason why the team couldn’t make some kind of adjustment. It was just another terrible offensive game under coordinator Todd Haley.

In Haley’s first season as coordinator for the Steelers in 2012, the team failed to score 20 points in six games going 2-4. In my opinion, Haley just seems to get stuck in his own gameplan, or lack thereof, and refuses to adjust to any game situation. When things start to go bad on offense, instead of looking for a solution, things just seem to get ugly fast. A lot of people attributed Ben Roethlisberger’s great start to the 2012 season to Todd Haley and his system. I’m not going to say that Haley had nothing to do with it but a big part also was the complete lack of a running game.

Was the non-running game a part of the scheme because Haley saw how bad the offensive line was or was it just that bad and Ben was able to carry the load. It’s a very fine line and honestly I wouldn’t want to tear your head off if you wanted to give Haley some praise for the start of 2012. When I watched the games though, even when they won, I saw an offense that continuously ran the same play over and over even if it didn’t work at all. Just to be specific, in the season opening loss to the Denver Broncos last year I remember about 90 percent of the run plays being draws. People have said that I over exaggerate this statement but I welcome anyone to go back and watch the film of that game.

It’s like Haley can’t stand being wrong so he’ll just keep calling the same play until it gets some kind of positive yardage.

Again I’ll admit, losing Pouncey killed the momentum the Steelers had in the game and I get why there would be a big drop off. But does anyone really think the team should have looked as bad as they did versus the Titans?

I put a lot of blame for the loss on Mike Tomlin because he is the head coach and this isn’t the first time the team has underperformed under him. I also put a lot of blame on Todd Haley because it is his job to find a way to mask the loss of Pouncey. It will be up to Haley to keep Ben from getting killed against the Cincinnati Bengals in week two.

I’m not saying that Haley is terrible if the team doesn’t all of a sudden run for 150 yards and Ben isn’t sacked at all. It’s his job however to make sure he creates a gameplan to play to the strengths of the team and hide the weaknesses.

Whatever you want to think and say about how good this team really is, the truth is that a good gameplan can make anyone look good. Todd Haley has to be able to put the players in the best position possible and then we can critique how well they actually executed that plan.

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  1. Rydog

    Haley is awful. We need to let Ben call the plays. He knows the game. Payton Manning basically is his own OC. Bradshaw called his own plays. Haley is awful. If Ben wasn’t superman on 3rd down, we would lead the league in 3 and outs.

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