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The Steelers Better Not Take Matt Cassel Lightly

The Pittsburgh Steelers have a very nasty habit of taking their opponents lightly and playing down to their competition. It led to a disappointing 2012 season and it has led to an embarrassing start to the 2013 season. Though the team did look better during the loss to the Chicago Bears last week, they have yet to start fast in any game in 2013.

The Steelers only leads that they’ve held were 2-0 and 3-0 in the first quarter of weeks one and two. Against a team like the Minnesota Vikings, the Steelers can’t afford to get behind like they have. Before the team had to turn to Matt Cassel for the injured Christian Ponder at quarterback, the Vikings gameplan has always been to ride Adrian Peterson. So if the Steelers spot the Vikings a 10, 14, 17 point first quarter lead, it’s going to be hard to stop them from shortening the game by running the football.

The team cannot go into this game thinking they’ve already won because Matt Cassel is now the starting quarterback. Though Cassel isn’t an elite quarterback, he’s a veteran and is serviceable as a spot starter. It would be a huge mistake to take a guy for granted who was a full time starter just one season prior. Because of how poorly the Chiefs have performed the past two seasons everyone forgets that Cassel did in fact lead the team to the playoffs in 2010. Now I’m not trying to make Matt Cassel out to be some great quarterback to be feared but that doesn’t mean he should be ignored.

With as bad as the Steelers have looked through the first three weeks of the season, they shouldn’t be taking any team lightly at all. The team better be fired up and come out to save their season to not have 12 basically, meaningless games for the rest of 2013. If they lose to the Vikings and drop to 0-4, the season is more than likely over. Most people believe the season is already over at 0-3 yet I could honestly still see the team pull it together and at least make a run to the playoffs.

No one wants to hear the constant excuses and no one wants to hear that they lost because of the trip to London. All anyone wants to hear is by how much did the team win this week.

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  1. Berdj Rassam

    At this point in the season, the Steelers are managing just 14 points per game on offense, near the bottom of the NFL. But they are also giving up 25 points per game on defense – very uncharacteristic of the Steelers. Not looking good for the Steelers in 2013.

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