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Ravens Super Bowl Win Bad for Nation, Great for Steelers

Having had a chance to digest what I admit was a very entertaining and bizarre Super Bowl, here is what I think:

Let’s just get this out of the way up front. No self-respecting, card-carrying Citizen of the original sports nation can say they are happy with how this Super Bowl played out.

The ravens winning their second Super Bowl by beating the San Francisco 49ers means that we will have to listen to thousands of purple-clad clowns cawing for the next year. For those of us who have the misfortune to live within the unfriendly confines of Baltimore, this will be doubly difficult. It’s never easy living in Baltimore as a Steelers fan. Now it will be almost insufferable.

Having said that, I imagine my feelings leading up to this game were the same as Packers fans had in 1974; or how the Steelers fans felt in 1990; or how the 49ers fans felt in 1996. Each of those groups of fans had to deal with another team on the verge of tying them for the most Super Bowl wins at the time.

Where those other teams had to suffer through the agony of someone winning the big game to tie them, the Steelers saw history. For only the second time in the history of the Super Bowl, a team with a chance to tie for the most Super Bowl wins at the time failed to do so. (The other time was Super Bowl 30, but that game featured two teams with four Lombardi Trophies each, both trying to tie the 49ers with five. Steelers fans do not need to be reminded what happened in that game.)

So, in the grand scheme of things, and setting aside my dread for the upcoming year because I live in the purple capital of the western hemisphere, this is really good for the Steelers. Had the 49ers won, not only would they have become the second team with six Lombardi trophies. They would have been able to continue to crow about how they had never lost a Super Bowl.

Now, the ravens are the only team left to have played in the Super Bowl and not lost. We’ll let them have that for now. When they have played in even half as many as the Steelers, we’ll see what their record is.

Now, the 49ers have tasted defeat in the big game. Their hyper-competitive coach can go blow a head gasket someplace where cameras won’t see it. (By the way, is there anything funnier than watching Jim Harbough lose is mind on every call? I can’t help but wonder if his parents and his brother were thinking, “Wow. Jimmy is really a competitive douche.”)

So, take heart, Citizens of the Black and Gold Nation, for this win, while certainly inconvenient and annoying, preserves the Steelers’ status as the preeminent team of the Super Bowl era. Let the ravens enjoy their time in the sun. Even I can’t deny they have earned it.

My heart and mind are secure in the knowledge that the Steelers are still the class of the NFL since the creation of the Super Bowl. They have played in the most Super Bowls. They have won the most Super Bowls.

And all is right in the world.

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  1. GREG

    I wouldn’t have bothered capitalizing ravens either.

  2. Marcus

    Seriously? The NFL was just trying to please those in Cleveland, the Ravens (Owners and Players) can be tracked back to 1946 I believe, not far off the Steelers. Yeah they relocated in ’96 (with established players) an won in 2000.

    Ravens won this year, congrats. Tryin to make it any more of a comparison is just “funny”. Ravens 2 wins in 12 years? Steelers 2 wins in last 7. Ravens 2 Supers Bowl wins since 1946, Steelers 6 since 1933. Oh, Ravens are undefeated in Super Bowls? Make 6 more trips then talk to me or any other Steelers fan.

    So, like I said…Congrats and remember winning this past year can be taken care of possible week 1 if we face you. 49ers would have been an issue until we were able to retak the lead. So Thank You Ravens and see you week 1….WE HOPE!

  3. Todd Pataky

    Hi, Gigi,

    Thanks for the comment.

    I find it curious that an obvious ravens fan is giving me a history lesson about my team. Is that because your team don’t have enough history to keep you occupied?

    By your logic, the Cardinals, Bears, Packers, and Giants should all have six Super Bowls as well, right? If age were the only thing required to win, the Cardinals would have appeared in more than one Super Bowl, and should have won the one they played in. (Since they are older than the Steelers).

    I don’t understand why ravens fans do not like Steelers fans celebrating their history. Perhaps you can enlighten me on that, Gigi.

    All that having been said, if you took your purple glasses off for a moment and actually read my article, you would see that I am saying the ravens winning the Super Bowl was good for the Steelers as it kept them the only team in the league with six Super Bowl wins. And if I had the good fortune to live anywhere but Baltimore, this wouldn’t have bothered me as much as it does. My article was a way to remind myself that listening to ravens fans gloating about their win for the next year is a small price to pay for my beloved Steelers to be the only team with six Super Bowl rings.

    Additionally, I agree that having a strong rival is the best way to improve, and the fact that the ravens are so much like the Steelers only means that the rivalry is going to be more heated and bitter. Isn’t it true that familiarity breeds contempt?

    Finally, keep in mind that a lot of my chiding and insulting demeanor is based on respect. I will say to my dying breath that I respect the ravens. But that does not mean I have to like them.

    As a token of my appreciation for the favor they did for The Nation in the Super Bowl, I will capitalize Ravens in this sentence.

    Enjoy it. You and your team have earned it.

  4. Gigi M. Metheny

    The Steelers have been in existence since 1933 making them the 5th oldest franchise. They should have six rings! With that being stated, it did take the Steelers 41-years to procure the 1st ring vs. 4-years for the Ravens. How about a shout out to the fact that they are the only two teams in the AFC North to win the Super Bowl, and possess a combined 8–2 record in the game!

    If you’re going to have a rival, doesn’t make sense to have it be a team that’s a mirror image? Don’t you want a team that’ll force yours to step it up and earn their keep? Bottom line, because the rivalry between the two is the most intense in all of the NFL, it makes for excellent football whether you’re actually at the stadium or watching at home, local watering hole, etc. By the way, would it really hurt to capitalize Ravens?

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