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Steelers Favored To Win On Sunday

After the Charlie Batch led victory over the Ravens at Baltimore, the Steelers were looking like they were playoff-bound. However, after a disappointing last couple of weeks, the Steelers face a must-win game against the Bengals at home tomorrow.

According to the prediction market, the Steelers have a 55% chance to beat the Bengals. Basically, they are favorites, but not by much.

In conjunction with the Steelers meltdown, the Ravens have been playing terribly lately as well. Despite our last two losses, the Steelers can still win the division if they beat the Bengals and the Browns if Baltimore loses its last two games (check out our handy flow chart to see the road to the playoffs for the Steelers).

Baltimore is playing the Giants at home this week and then play the Bengals on the road. These are two games the Ravens can easily lose. According to, the Ravens only have a 43% chance of beating the Giants at home.

Many Steeler fans don’t hold up much hope for the season, either believing the Steelers won’t make the playoffs or won’t get too far even if they end up in the postseason. However, the odds indicate that the Steelers are still very much alive in the wild card and even the division race.

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