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Steelers Win in New York Not Diminished by Giants’ Loss to the Bengals

Chances are quite good that like myself, you took advantage of a Sunday with no Pittsburgh Steelers on TV to perhaps take in some of the other teams in the National Football League or maybe you got outside and did some yard work. Ok, I admit, I did a little of both but I still kept a close eye on football even when outside in the unseasonably warm November temperatures.

Two games that I took a keen interest in were Baltimore hosting Oakland and Cincinnati hosting the Giants. The Ravens blew out the Ravens which they should have, but the Bengals are the story today after taking it to the Giants somewhat like the Steelers did in New York, or did they?

Cincinnati jumped out to an early 14-0 lead on the G-Men and never really looked back in defeating them 31-14 in Paul Brown Stadium. While the score differential may signal one thing, this was a game very unlike the one the Steelers played in MetLife Stadium a week ago and that win should not be tarnished in any way because the ‘lowly’ Bengals beat New York too.

The Giants outrushed and out-gained the Bengals but committed four turnovers (including two Eli Manning picks) while the Bengals only committed one. In the passing game, the Bengals only had ten more passing yards did the Giants.

So what is exactly is the point here? Well, there are several factors at play as to why this shouldn’t diminish the Steelers’ win in any way, shape or form. First of all, the Bengals were playing for their lives. A loss today would have put them at 3-6 while the Steelers and Ravens had very winnable home games this weekend. A loss would have been devasting.

Secondly, the Giants under Tom Coughlin are batting under .500 when it comes to winning games in the second half of the season so a dismal period here by ‘Big Blue’ isn’t a total shocker. Third, the Steelers went into a very difficult situation where emotions for fans and players and coaches in New York were running high following Hurricane Sandy. Throw in the fact that the officials were less than kind to the Steelers in the first half and you had the perfect scenario for a huge comeback by the Steelers which they of course made.

Don’t get me wrong, this is a nice win for Cincy, but the Giants were coming off four straight impressive wins and hosting a 4-3 Steelers’ team and got dominated on both sides of the ball; just ask Tom Coughlin.

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