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Steelers Horoscope: The Astrological Compatibility of the Offense

By: Psychic Source

Sometimes football teams become dynasties, generally with a great matchup between a coach, a quarterback, and the offensive coordinator. They have football chemistry and it seems like they’ll never let their fans down. The Steelers are about as close as you can get to dynasty level. Today we’re going to take a look at the astrological compatibility between Pittsburg Steelers’ coach Mike Tomlin, quarterback Ben Roethlisberger, and offensive coordinator Todd Haley to see if another Pitt Dynasty is in the cards or if we’ve gotten everything we can out of the current Steelers.

The Steelers are currently 5-3 so they’re fairly ahead of the pack, and just nipping at the heels of the Ravens. At the same time, yesterday’s game excluded, they’re not doing stellar either. Mike Tomlin became Head Coach in 2007 and led the Steelers to their most recent Super Bowl victory in 2009. Ben “Big Ben” Rothlisberger was drafted by the Steelers in 2004 following his college career at Miami University. Todd Haley just signed on as the Steelers’ offensive coordinator in February 2012 and frequently clashes with Rothlisberger. Do their signs have anything to do with that?

Well, fun fact! All of them are Pisces, which could explain why they work well together. But it could also reveal that they conflict with each other. People with similar personalities or the same signs often fail to see eye to eye. However, your birthday’s placement in your sign is very important. For instance, Big Ben’s March 2nd birthday means he tends to benefit from partnerships and teams, but avoids being dominant when others refuse to listen to his advice. This could explain the arguments between him and Todd Haley whose February 28th birthday makes him dynamic and persuasive. Or, it could give Ben the go ahead to submit to being the “indian” to Haley’s “chief.” Mike Tomlin’s March 15th birthday puts him in the perfect position to be in a place of power. Tomlin’s specific Pisces forces him to have feelings of distrust. Sounds like everybody is put in a position to prove themselves. As Peter Parker once said, with great power comes great responsibility.

All in all, these guys are pretty compatible together and while the Steelers might not be having their best season ever, they still have a winning record and are showing signs of improvement against adversity. Since their birthdays all fall within two weeks of each other, they’re very similar and have the same traits. It could be their secret weapon or their downfall.

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  1. jimmy

    Ben & Coach Tomlin also helped Hines reach his goal and was Ben’s #1 target for years. He too is a Pisces! Wow. I noticed this a long time ago. Great story!

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