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Steelers have set themselves up nicely for showdown against Ravens in 2 weeks

As we see each week, our prognosticator extraordinaire here on SA, Troyisabeast43 breaks down how things look for the Steelers. After the win against the Giants this past Sunday, Pittsburgh has completely turned their season around and is now firmly in position to overtake the Ravens in the AFC North in 2 weeks. Although they can’t look past the Chiefs this coming Monday night, things are by far looking better than they did 3 weeks ago.

“I cannot even begin to tell you how absolutely huge this win was for the Steelers to get moving forward here for the stretch run the rest of the season. And even though it sucks that the Ravens did end up coming back and winning against the Browns today it now sets up the Steelers game against the Ravens, 2 weeks from tonight at Heinz Field. You have to believe next week that both the Steelers and the Ravens will both win their games. Pittsburgh of course hosts the pathetic Chiefs at home on Monday night football, and the Ravens play the Oakland Raiders in Baltimore. So I expect the Steelers to be 6-3 and the Ravens to be 7-2 going into their showdown at Heinz Field. Which would then mean if the Steelers beat the Ravens that night they would jump into 1st place as a result of beating the Ravens head to head.

Not only did the Steelers position themselves to overtake the Ravens,  they also put themselves in good shape as far as getting a few more games up on potential wildcard teams. The Bengals, Bills, Raiders, Jets, Titans, and Dolphins all lost in week 9 and the Steelers now, with the exception of the Dolphins and the Chargers who won on Thursday nigh,t have a 2 game lead over all of those teams The Dolphins and Chargers are 4-4. But you have to now like the Steelers chances to get to 6-3 next week with the Chiefs coming in who have yet to have a single lead in any game so far this season. The Ravens right now seem to be going backwards and not looking that good while the Steelers seem to be peaking and playing better and better each week and they are not even fully healthy yet.

This was a huge huge signature win today for the Steelers and it really is going to put the Ravens and their fans on notice when they come to Heinz Field, that things are going to be much different then they were last year when they came in here and ultimately swept the Steelers. An absolutely great win on Sunday, overcoming all the tough circumstances with the refs and the injuries and the travel issues to go into New York and knock off the Super Bowl champs. This win I really believe is going to begin the start of something potentially big for the rest of the season.

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