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Onward Steelers; Justin Tuck, Meet Willie Colon

What would the National Football League be without its’ characters? Would the game be as great as it is without guys like Art Donovan and Conrad Dobler? The answer is no. These are colorful guys who bring something funny to an intense game and provide the fans with some good humor and water cooler talking points. One guy who obviously didn’t pay attention to how this type of thing was done is the Giants’ Justin Tuck.

Because I write exclusively Steelers’ articles, I don’t pay a whole lot of attention to other teams in the league as closely as I do the Black ‘n Gold but it appears as if Tuck does quite a bit of talking before each game and most of it centers on the opponent. What makes Tuck fairly irrelevant is that his talking points are uninteresting, uninspired and are as old as the game itself.

It’s too bad too because the guy is a damn good football player and is a fine pitchman for Subway Sandwiches. A job he no doubt got from the coattails of one Michel Strahan. Perhaps Tuck could have learned more than just a few simple catch-phrases to sling a deli sandwich from Strahan because I don’t recall him ever whining about how badly an opponent holds one every play.

I do however feel bad for Tuck because he has now caught the ire of one Mr. Willie Colon who has recently been spotted burrowing players into the ground with all the sensitivity of a jackhammer. I’m not suggesting that Colon would ever do this to Tuck because he is just too good of a ball player to let a guy do that to him but I guarantee Colon will get his shots.

It’ll be curious to see if Offensive Coordinator Todd Haley dials up some early opportunities to let Colon go after Tuck but we all know that coaches don’t call plays specifically for players to get ‘revenge’ though right? Tuck is too good of a player to constantly run his mouth, but he isn’t the first and he won’t be the last to be this way. What I’ll be interested to see is just how Willie Colon reacts because he must do it wisely and without costing his team. Colon is a veteran now and needs to remember that. Although if he can get a shot in on ‘Subway Boy’ I’ll certainly enjoy it as much as he does.

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