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Big Ben’s “BabyGate” could anger fans but such is life

As we get closer to the impending birth of Ben Roethlisberger and wife Ashley’s first born, many in the Steeler Nation are hoping that the newest member to be born in a Terrible Towel won’t affect any of the upcoming games. Who can blame us right; the Steelers are 5-3 now and very much in contention for not only a playoff birth but also the AFC North title should things continue to progress as they have been. Well, we should blame ourselves if we chastise Ben for wanting to be in the hospital when the big event happens.

As we know, Ben said emphatically that he will not miss the birth of his first born, no matter what. “I’m not missing the birth of my child,” Roethlisberger said at the time. “There’s no chance. I know some fans probably don’t want to hear that, but there’s no chance.” – PFT

He also hinted to Dan Patrick this week that it will be coming soon, “I’ll let you know in like two weeks,” he said, laughing.

Besides, when have we ever known Big Ben to say something controversial? I mean really…

Seriously though, many of us are flipping out that a man would want to see his first born come into the world rather than play football; regardless of the stakes at hand.  Yeah I get it, because the stretch run of the Steelers season will be here before you know it and everyone wants all healthy bodies on the field. Trust me I’m right there with ya. We can hope and pray that things work out the way we want but it’s out of our hands, as it should be.

I fully admit like most of you all that having Ben on the field is of the utmost importance for every game, especially the AFC North contests coming up, however the Steelers have won with Charlie Batch and Byron Leftwich before. That doesn’t make us feel much better, so perhaps grabbing an extra bottle of Pepto would be a good idea this coming week, just in case.

Knowing how much the Steelers value family in their organization they certainly would not hold it against Ben should he need to miss a game. Preparations have already been made I’m sure during practice, getting both Byron Leftwich and Charlie Batch some extra reps just in case. Obviously Ben gives you a better chance to win against say, the Ravens next weekend, but still life must go on and the Steelers will have to adjust should circumstances warrant it.

There are rumors that the couple plans to induce labor during the week at some point as the due date gets closer but even if they don’t, the Steelers will be fine and we as fans should be fine with that. Having said that though; here’s to a healthy new Steeler fan coming into the world on…… Tuesday!

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  1. JFK

    Ben gets paid 102 million dollars to basically work 16 days (19 if we are so fortunate) a year…I think they should do whatever is neccessary to ,induce whatever, to insure that his first born is not born on a Sunday during the season.

  2. anton

    yes Ben be with your wife and child .I would support you even if your child came on the day you were supposed to play in the super bowl.

  3. Lisa

    I am a die hard Steeler fan and have been for a very long time but family comes first. Ben gives us his best every week and wanting to be there for the birth of his child is the right thing to do. Anyone that would hold that against Ben needs to find another team to cheer for because we don’t need people that are that narrow nimded!

  4. AJ Leight

    Any fan who would hold this against him is a fan we don’t need. With that said, in an age of advanced medical capabilities, it should be a viable option to ensure delivery falls on one of the other 6 days of the week. But if they want it to come naturally, and that ends up being during a game, we’d be selfish assholes to demand he miss a once-in-a-lifetime experience for a regular season game -no matter the ramifications. Just my opinion.

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