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Will a Loss to Philly Be the Beginning of the End for Some Steelers?

Let’s face it Steeler Nation, the 2012 NFL season for the Steelers could be nearing an abrupt end with a loss to Philadelphia on Sunday. That would mean 1-3 and assuming the Ravens and Bengals both win on Sunday in games they are heavily favored, they would both be 4-1.

There are saving graces however as just last year three of the four AFC North teams made the playoffs and the rest of the AFC is pretty weak. To say the Steelers would be dead after Sunday would not be at all fair especially considering the Giants and Packers barely made the playoffs the last two years but went on to championships.

The point is that if this team struggles and looks to be dying a slow, painful death then changes will be coming or at least they should be coming. One particular area is on the defensive line where there has been little production by anyone. Add to that questions of why Steve McClendon and Cam Heyward saw so few snaps in Oakland also raise doubts about the direction of the unit. Trib reporter Dejan Kovacevic deserves props for his great article on the D-line today as a matter of fact. Kovacevic asks good questions that many are afraid to bring up. Where is Ziggy Hood? Where is Brett Keisel? This defensive line is underachieving.

What about the linebackers? Now that Stevenson Sylvester is apparently healthy will he get a shot if the season is slipping away? Larry Foote can’t play forever and Lawrence Timmons has been disappointing in my mind to this point as well. If there is no hope for the playoffs then get him out there.

Same goes for the secondary. Let’s see more of Cortez Allen in place of Keenan Lewis and let’s see some Robert Golden at safety occasionally as well. Curtis Brown needs to get a shot too despite his poor showing in the preseason at times.

We’ve seen the Steelers hang onto some veterans too long in the past and we can’t afford to do that again and expect to be a Super Bowl contender every year. I realize I’m looking at the situation as ‘glass half-empty’ because a win over Philly would change a lot of attitudes but the problems aren’t going to go away and no one is going to get any younger. No one is going to get any better watching from the sidelines either. And the Steelers do not get better as a team if stay with the status quo with a faltering defense in 2012.

We at sometimes get ripped by fans who don’t like our critical takes of our Steelers but we call it like we see it. We love the Steelers as much as you do and when praise is due we give it, but when we see things amiss, we call attention there as well.

Right now this team is on the cusp of something being very amiss. No one wants to be wrong more than I do.

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