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Steelers on track to overtake AFC North, but still much work to be done

One of the great things about the NFL is how things change from week to week. It wasn’t that long ago that we were wondering if the Steelers could win back to back games at all this season and now they’ve accomplished that. The AFC North division is clearly up for grabs, as no team has asserted itself any longer. Injuries have played a part in that certainly but it’s also just the nature of the beast in today’s sports.

With Cincinnati and Baltimore both on bye weeks, the Steelers were able to gain ground in the division and for now are in 2nd place following the 27-12 win over Redskins yesterday.

One of the members here on Steeler Addicts has a knack for breaking down schedules and comparing situations that could unfold during the season to give the Steelers the best chance for a successful playoff run. Even if the playoffs are still a long way off, a win on any given week can be crucial to any potential playoff hopes.

Here is a breakdown of the Steelers and Ravens schedules the rest of the way out and why the advantage, at least for now, is with the Steelers.

Steelers: @Giants, CHIEFS, RAVENS, @Browns, @Ravens, CHARGERS, @Dallas, BENGALS, BROWNS.

Ravens : @Browns, RAIDERS, @Steelers, @Chargers, STEELERS, @Redskins, BRONCOS, GIANTS, @Bengals
If you compare the two teams schedules the rest of the way in terms of who has the advantage to win the division I think you have to give the advantage to the Steelers. The Steelers after next week with their tough game with the Giants on the road still get to the play the Browns twice home and away, Kansas City at home who is terrible, the Chargers at home who are an absolute mess and can’t win on the road especially on the East Coast, and the Steelers get the Bengals one more time at home. The Ravens on the other hand still have to play tough road games at Pittsburgh, at San Diego, at Washington, and at Cincy, and still have to play both Manning brothers back to back weeks albeit in Baltimore in December.

It’s why that game against the Giants is so key to win next week to allow us to most likely barring a horrific loss to the Chiefs at home who are terrible the following week it will allow the Steelers to stay at least one game behind the Ravens when they come in here in 3 weeks which means if the Steelers beat them they would own the tiebreaker with the Ravens still having the much tougher schedule the last 6 games. I think when you breakdown both of these teams schedules the last 9 games when you compare both home and away schedules I think you have to say by getting a first look at it advantage goes clearly to the Steelers.

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