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Steelers download of the week

If you’re a regular follower of us here on SA then you know that not only do we have our blog, and the forums but we also have an extensive display of Steelers wallpaper and other downloads. So we figured as something fun, why not do a Wallpaper of the Week, and showcase one of the many downloads available.

We all enjoy having the Steelers on our desktops and laptops; it just makes your computer feel a bit more like “Steeler like” if you will. So anyway, to start things off we’ll highlight two for this week.

This first one has been around for a few years now, and still one of my all time favorites. It was created by our graphics admin and long time friend of the site, BR7, who also did many of the graphics you see all over SA, including many of the wallpapers. This size is 1600×1000 but you can also find it in 1440×900 and 1024×600. You’ve probably seen this one all over the web on other sites in their wallpaper sections, or someone using it as an avatar or Twitter background maybe? 

The second is a Hines Ward special, created also by  BR7. It’s a great shot of Hines with a unique background you don’t often see on Steelers wallpapers. This is 1600×1200 but is also available in 1440×900.


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