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Onward Steelers; Show Me Some Fire!

I’m to the point right now where I really don’t want to hear anymore about scheme or play-calling or injuries or if Ben is mad at Haley or if out throwbacks are really that ugly (yes they are). Instead, how about we see some fire and intensity from this team? How about someone get in the face of a teammate and say, “Let’s go! Get your S#@$ together and block that guy or cover that guy!”

Even when guys make plays on this team I only see an occasional hand gesture like Antonio Brown’s ‘first down’ signal or something similar by Emmanuel Sanders but I rarely see signs of intensity or anger or anyone trying to step up and be a leader. Where is the passion?

Where is Joey Porter when you need him? No one fired up a team the way Peezy did and while he would quite often go over the line (see Cleveland game) he would at least get after guys and be visible in doing so. There is very little of that with this team and the closest anyone comes to it would probably be Larry Foote.

The one question I have in this regard is quite simple; Is Tomlin’s straight-faced demeanor working as a negative in this respect? Keep in mind that Tomlin worked under Tony Dungy who had the practice and game emotion of a rock. While I respect this and often marvel at how he can remain so level-headed, I can’t help but wonder if this team needs a ‘Cowher-like’ explosion.

The Pittsburgh Steelers are now in a situation where they need to win a game. This game also happens to be a divisional game as well giving it even more importance. With a numbers of guys injured and hobbled, this will be no small task despite our overall success in Paul Brown Stadium. My feeling in the NFL is that every game is a ‘must-win’ game with only 16 contests on the schedule, but this one certainly ranks as the true definition of ‘must-win’ as the Steelers would be facing a 2-4 record.

What I really don’t want to hear is that this team is ‘not panicking’ like we heard before the Philly game. Ya, we were victorious but it wasn’t exactly an inspired performance. I want to see desperation from this team and I want someone to step up to the mic or on the soap box and fire this squad up. Don’t tell me that isn’t ‘what we do’ around here either because at 2-3 and win-less on the road, something is in desperate need of change so let’s start there.

Some fire and passion from these guys would be welcomed by this Steelers’ fan but please no Ray-Ray dances. That would be going a bit too far.

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